My Gamecube Games


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker – For 25 £ from Mynt & Musik at Stampgatan

Mario Party 5

– Got it for 15 £ from Kapten Krok. It’s a Mario Party game, and it’s good. I’ve had great moments playing this one with family and friends. It’s has just the right pace for everyone to enjoy.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 

-Got it for Christmas one year from my sisters, and I can just say that it’s a great Mario Kart game, actually my favourite in the series (not having played Mario Kart 7).

Cel Damage

– 10 £ from Kapten Krok. A great game, really, kind of Unreal Tournament meeting Carmageddon, with toons going all out to get the most frags to win. It’s a frantic and entertaining game, and I have to unlock more characters and levels for this one.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Lockdown

–  Bought it with my brother, I think for 12 £ used? I really like the feel of this game, it controls well and conveys the feeling of covert missions very well. I usually don’t like shooters, but since this one is tactical and requires a slow pace, I really like it. Also there’s a Co-Op version of each stage that’s unlocked when you’ve beaten the stage, and you can unlock new weapons by collecting credits in hidden places in the game. There’s only one level I haven’t managed to beat, and it’s the Sniper one. I always manage to get the VIP people shot dead.

Fantastic 4

–  For 10 £ used, bought with my brother. It’s a really good Co-Op game that’s severely hurt by a crappy camera. I’d seriously buy a newly released version of it if they fixed that problem. Like when you’re supposed to use Reed to save someone falling from a balcony, and missing to catch the civilian since you CAN’T SEE HIM. Then the game congratulates you by telling you that “You let a civilian die.” or something in those lines. Arseholes.

Super Smash Bros. Meelee

– Bought with the purple system, for 40 £ I think. It’s a Nintendo Classic, and a game every Gamecube owner must own. I really like using Link as a kid and Kirby, they’re my favorites.

Mario Smash Football

From the 50 £ bundle with the Pearl White Gamecube and Geist. An awesome soccer game that reminds me of Fifa Street, which means mean tactics, hard play and no rules. Also every character looks mean, and no one dares to tell Donkey Kong that it’s called Football and not Fistball, presumably since they like to be alive.


– From the 50 £ bundle with the Pearl White Gamecube and Mario Smash Football. You’re a scientist that gets his spirit stripped from his body, and your quest is to retrieve your body together with other spirits by possessing humans, animals and inanimate objects. That’s an awesome concept! Reminds me of Messiah for the PC, only this game is rated M.

Crazy Taxi

– A gift from my friend for me and my bro’s birthday. A great port of the Arcade game. I managed to get “S” rating back when the game came out, now I’m only getting the “C” rating… I’ve got to get my training on and deliver some people, in my Crazy Taxi, to their designated destinations, in a faster and more wicked way.

Gameboy Player Startup Disc

– Came with my Gameboy Player (basically a GBA for the Gamecube), got them as a Christmas gift from my parents. It’s really great to be able to play titles such as the GBA metroid series

Metroid Prime

– Bought for 3,5 £ at Loppis & Kuriosa in Karlstad, Sweden. According to some the only good game in the Prime series. If I like this one I intend to find out how the other ones are.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

– Bought online at Tradera, together with the Freeloader, for 35 £. Started playing this game and it sure is impressive for being a Gamecube game!


– Bought together with Twilight Princess. It enables you to play NTSC or PAL games on your system. So far I only have Twilight Princess to play with it, but who knows which games I’ll buy and play with it?

Mega Man X: Command Mission

– Bought for 2,5 £ at Gengåvan in Karlstad, Sweden. It’s Mega Man, and I’ve heard decent things about this game.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

– Bought for 2,5 £ at Gengåvan. I’ve heard great things about this game and look forward to playing it.

Puyo Pop Fever

– Bought at Mynt & Musik in Stigbergsliden for 4£. A classic and a must have!


2 thoughts on “My Gamecube Games

  1. One thing that stands out on this list: Twilight Princess. Mainly because I wanted to get this for my cube, wrote on my Christmas list to Santa (I mean dad) “Get the gamecube one” Proceeded to get the Wii one instead 😐

    I still enjoyed it but geez xD


    • Aaaw, I undestand your disappointment! 😀

      I’ve realized video games are a difficult thing as a whole for non-video game playing people (like my parents) who didn’t get the difference between like, Mario 1 and Mario 3. And I sort of get it, I don’t know the difference between a concealer and a foundation, and the only reason I know about them as being different entities whatsoever is through my wife, but as someone who doesn’t use that kind of stuff I get thoroughly confused when it comes to such things (makeup that is).

      But there is a fundamental difference between wanting the Gamecube vs the Wii version of the game. But one is better than none 😀


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