Now Playing: Wario Land II and Pokémon White 2

wario 1

Alright! I finally finished Wario Land II! Look at how magnificent that castle of Wario is! That’s basically the one you get in Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, if you’ve stolen enough money that is. The Genie generally works as an instant carpenter, one that you’ll have to pay like any other carpenter, really. A genie that works for money. If I were a Genie, I’d work for money too.

wario 2

And this is how decently I played the game. You can go back and play the game again if you want to. I didn’t, I really didn’t feel like it really. I might go back later on, but I’m more interested in the following game, Pokémon White 2:

bild 1

That’s the saddest Pokémon that I’ve ever seen. Man, Azurill, cheer up. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Dude.

Anyhow, I’m really impressed by the game, it’s really entertaining. I guess it’s fun to see what’s new and what has remained the same. Also there’s that certain flavour knowing that this is the last portable Pokémon game that has 2D sprites. I’ll update my team in a new Pokémon Progress post very soon.

bild 2

And this is Burgh’s Pokémon Gym, I don’t remember it being this trippy in the last game. I’m sure Burgh smokes a lot of coccoons to create such an extatic floor in his gym. And listen to the music while you’re there. He has to be a drug addict of sorts, or maybe he drinks too much Moo Moo Absinthe for inspiration.


Freakin’ hippie. Get a haricut and a real job.

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