Pokemon Progress: I Have to Make a Number 2

Contrary to the real Number 2, Black and White 2 aren’t doodooes. They’re actually good in my opinion, and improves on pretty much everything from the previous games. Anyhow, now I’m on my way to next Gym, having flattened Burgh’s Drug Shack completely, and I’ve got myself the following team in the Desert Resort, challenging the tough sandstorms.

499  OINK the Pignite, Lv. 23: Arm Thrust, Flame Charge, Work Up, Odor Sleuth

054  QUACK the Psyduck, Lv. 23: Scratch, Confusion, Disable, Water Pulse

180BAAH the Flaafy, Lv. 23: ThunderShock, Thunder Wave, Strength, Charge

109TOXIC the Koffing, Lv. 24: Poison Gas, Tackle, Venoshock, Selfdestruct

504FAIRU the Patrat, Lv. 10: Cut, Leer, Bite, Bide

As you can see I chose the Fire starter, I’m actually not fond of the Grass type starter in these games, Snivy is alright but the rest are mighty weird. Also I like that you can catch and encounter older Pokémon, though you will encounter not only Woobats in caves, but also Zubats (again) en masse, and not only Patrats galore, but Rattata’s galore too.

Patrat. It’s a way better name than Rattata to describe how pathethic it is. I know, I’m being too mean. But it does sound like “Pathethic Rat”. And that’s why it’s named the romanized form of the Japanese pronouncation of “Fail”, which I reckon should be “Fairu”. And here are the rats of each region (I know, all are not technically rats, but here we go):


Images from: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/ and http://24.media.tumblr.com/93878b0c05e4d64162fee74816d86346/tumblr_mib4ria6X81rdokf5o1_500.png

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