Nintendo Attire



There are quite a few really good looking clothing items modelled after the NES controller, maybe because it looks so good and maybe because it’s such an iconic controller that brings a lot of people back into their childhood, giving a feel of nostalgia or even simple familiarity.

To me it gives a sense of awesomeness.

Because it’s awesome. Even more awesome than this epic beard:




Ok, maybe not that awesome, but still. 

Let’s take a gander on this belt buckle:



Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it beautiful?

I have one, bought the buckle from New York and the belt from Harayuku in Tokyo, combining two elements from East and West to make a great installation of hold-my-pants-up goodness.

Guess which awesome hero also wore a NES belt?



That would be Captain N! The GAME MASTER!


And look at this.



Now look at me. Look at it. And listen… Listen to its words and look at my face but look at its face while it’s talking. Look at my face. Don´t look at its face. Listen to my words and hear its face.

In all seriousness this is an awesome messenger bag, to deliver messages like the one above with. If you get the reference then make a comment below!

And for the suave yet immaculately childish of us there is:




NES Controller cufflinks. Got mine from my wife for graduating Med School. They’re subtle details that reek of awesomeness, showing that beneath that stylish shell of yours you’re just an awesome guy that likes to have fun too.


Just like the rest of us.

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Internet Gamer Shows That Are Awesome

‘There’s a plethora of gamer shows on the Internet and there are often too many of them to browse through. I will list the ones I follow, in an attempt to introduce you to shows you shouldn’t miss out on,  and write why they are awesome. I’ll even give you a Link to the posts!


Happy Console Gamer: Link-LoZ-Sprite

There aren’t many shows who really can show the enthusiasm of gamers as this one does. It feels genuine and the episodes are well made and have a lot of content, often centralized around the nostalgia of gamers that grew up late 70’s-90’s. There’s a full length feature movie based on the Happy Console Gamer, and it’s available on Youtube for free viewing!

Angry Video Game Nerd Link-LoZ-Sprite

While the guys behind Happy Console Gamer focus on nostalgia and the fun bits of gaming fandom, the Angry Video Game nerd is notorius for bashing and raging over really bad games from our childhood, be it games one bought with hard earned money and who didn’t deliver, games that were rented in vain giving us a dull weekend or games that are an abysmal abomination to mankind. He also reviews a lot of movies, which is a passion of his since childhood, and has a full length feature movie on the works based on the AVGN fandom which is to be released to local cinemas.

The Game Chasers Link-LoZ-Sprite

This is about two guys searching the state of Texas (and sometimes even beyond the borders of the state) in search of completing their video game collections. They are often able to get great deals, scouring flea markets, pawn shops and more, and fight competitively over rare titles. Basically it’s finders keepers, and the competition is tough!

Pat the NES Punk Link-LoZ-Sprite

Pat is a NES Punk. He collects first and foremost NES games and has a nearly limitless knowledge on all things NES. He also scours flea markets in Flea Market madness with his pal Frank in search of great deals. The episodes are mainly focused on comedy while delivering relevant information about the games.

The Completionist Link-LoZ-Sprite

Jirard tries to complete games to 100%, about 1-3 games a week, just to be able to tell you if a game is worth to complete or not. He’s accompanied by voice commentary from Greg, who has an impressive voice acting ability, and sometimes even lets him play some games as The Mediocre-ist, ultimately leading to Jirard suffering a mental breakdown and needing to get help to get back into the groove. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and well made.

Happy Video Game Nerd Link-LoZ-Sprite

Originally created as an anti-Angry Video Game Nerd, and even sporting a parody and “nice” version of the AVGN theme, this show has since then evolved to stand on its own. It’s about a dude that plays awesome games for you to show what’s good and what’s not. This is kind of a “feel good” show but with video games, and that’s great.

Video Game Take Out Link-LoZ-Sprite

This is a gaming show mainly focused on portable gaming. It gives a pretty informative opinion about games, so this is all about facts and the presentation and gameplay of games.

The Video Game Years Link-LoZ-Sprite

This is a collaboration by the dudes behind the shows in, where they summarize gaming since the 70’s year by year, painting an epic picture of video game development and history throughout the years- year by year. It’s both informative and humorous, as it becomes entertaining when all contributors get together with their different personalities and create a great mix of different opinions and video game knowledge.

The Gaming Historian Link-LoZ-Sprite

If you like history and video games, like I do, then this show certainly is for you. We’re presented important facts from video game history in a professional and informative way without being bored in any way. That’s amazing!

Gamester81 Link-LoZ-Sprite

He’s a game collector that has an impressive collection of both common and rare systems, initially having started his channel as he saw no coverage of the rarer systems in his collection on Youtube. He has an impressive reservoir of knowledge of all things games, and is possibly the nicest guy on Youtube.

Let’s Get!! Link-LoZ-Sprite

Eric reviews games with a lot of oddball humour, ultimately giving a product of entertainment and a lot of laughs. Also he seems to know Japanese, so expect to have some Japanese words and names actually pronounced correctly for once. Now where to “put it”…

Unlikely Versus No. 7


Their shared background:

Both are virtually immortal, Mr. Immortal being, simply, immortal and will be reborn completely enraged after each death, and the bearer of the Mask, in the comics collectively known as Big Head, being invulnerable as the Mask grants immortality and invulnerability to the user.

Their strengths:

Mr. Immortal (Craig Hollis) is a genetic mutant that has went even beyond the Homo Sapiens Superior species that the X-men mutants are comprised of, and is of the Homo Sapiens Supreme species. Supreme. Man, has he taken the step beyond or what.

So, basically he’s been immortal since birth and has been guided by a universal being called Deathurge that from time to time tries to kill him, to show Craig’s immortality, but doesn’t succeed doing. Deathurge tries to get Craig hit by cars in highways and even goes as far as burning his house down and kills Craig’s only remaining parent, his pops, in te process which gets Craig put in foster care. After  a series of unfortunate events Craig tries to commit suicide after yet another contact by Deathurge, and finds out that he’s immortal.

And who asked Deathurge to take care of Craig? Craig’s mom, on her deathbed. Great choice, Greg’s mom. You got your husband killed too.

Being immortal, bar his acrobatic strength and fearlessness á lá Daredevil, is pretty much everything he’s got. Also, he gets really pissed off after when he’s revived, though there are a few close to him that can keep that berserk mode off, but in this Unlikely Versus he’ll fight alone against…

Big Head is pretty much any average Joe that gets a hold of The Mask. The Mask grants invulnerability, the ability to warp space and create objects out of thin air, and also has the side effects of making the wearer insane through removing all inhibitions. The first wearer, Stanley Ipkiss, goes on a killing spree ang kills everyone who ever crossed him in his life, his 2nd grade teacher being one of them. He is only stopped when his girlfriend asks him to take the Mask, and then she proceeds to kill him.

The bearer, if not strong at soul, has a hard time taking it off after several uses (a little bit like The Ring to Rule Them All) and will eventually retain the removal of inhibitions in his normal state.

Good Super Heroes that gain it will become Anti-heroes, though there are some that have retained their minds while using it. Also, the Joker has gained it in the story “Joker/Mask” and has remained the same mentally and kicking Batman’s ass through his newly acquired invulnerability. He is already insane after all.

Though in this fight we’ll use a normal average Joe, as the powers pretty much will be the same. The wearer can get powers only limited by the wearer’s imagination, like how a Green Lantern’s powers work.


Their weaknesses:

Mister Immortal loses his head after each revival, and could in theory only be defeated by being locked in somewhere for all time to come.

Big Head would only be able to be defeated if he’d be made to remove his Mask, since he can escape by warping space. It does take a lot of effort to do it, and is even more difficult a task if the wearer has no close ones and has a great self esteem. A lowly thug, Nunzio, with low self esteem and a yellow costume (the one The Mask in the movie is modelled after) was charmed to take it off in exchange of a kiss by Ipkiss’ girlfriend Kathy, just to be killed by her afterwards.


Unless the wearer of the Mask is able to contain Mister Immortal, he will surely lose or be tricked to take the mask off in time, though I don’t see that as a very possible outcome. Honestly I’m a bit torn about this one, but I actually think Big Head would win since the chances are high that he’ll be able to contain Mister Immortal in some area, or put him in space where he’ll get killed over and over and not be able to get away, like in the middle of the sun or something like that, which is a condition that Big Head would be able to survive in. Also he has superhuman strength and other abilities that can completely overpower Mister Immortal, forcing him into confinement.

Big Head emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?


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Game Hunting: Atari is What’s Retro Here

bild 3 (9)

Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 1

I found this for about 4 £, at BR Leksaker in Femmanhuset in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a good price and I’ve wanted to play old school Atari games for a while, and I think this is a good way for me to play them. This purchase filled me with nostalgia as the store still uses the same price stickers as when I was a kid, and still has good games for a pretty cheap price, as evidenced by this game and the Puzzle Bobble one. I remember the time when hits such as Super Mario Land 1 and 2 and Kirby’s Dream Land were sold for 12-18 £ a few years after their release, while still not out of print, and there were a lot of good games for about that price. I guess games are usually expensive to create (though I don’t think new ones necessarily are any cheaper today when compared to my childhood).

Yoshi’s Island DS

I really liked Yoshi’s Island for the GBA, and this game is just that much better. I’m at the end of World 2, and I love how the different babies have different abilities. Baby Mario is a fast runner, can turn Super and enables “M” blocks which make platforming easier, Baby Peach can fly with her umbrella when there are gusts of winds and Baby Donkey Kong has a really strong throwing arm (though his eggs  don’t bounce off walls), a tackle attack and can climb vines (though he’s really slow and has short jumps).

Now I’m waiting for Baby Wario, which easily will be my favorite. And just like Mario, he doesn’t sport his characteristic ‘stashe:


And it seems his ability is collecting coins, among others.

This game was a gift from my bro. Thanks a bunch bro!

Puzzle Bobble Universe

This is my second Nintendo 3DS game. I really like the Puzzle Bobble games, and one for the 3DS at 12£ really sounds like a great deal to me! I’m glad I got this game at such a great price. I haven’t played it yet as I forgot the charger at my parents’, so I’ll have to play Pokémon White 2 and Yoshi’s Island on my DS Lite at the moment.

Now Playing: Batman and His Pokémon

Batman: The Video Game

bild 2 (6)

This is my actual copy of the game, as seen here. This is the copy I’ve been playing, with the previous owner being a kid (I presume based on the handwriting) named Milan, hence the “M” on the cover. At the off chance of you reading this, Milan, give me a shout in the comments section.

Anyhow, I’ve reached the Sewers, and I haven’t been able to progress because of the hideous ape-like creatures that stand in my way (they’re called Jader). Because of that, here you have some screenshots as a consolation:

bild 1 (10)

bild 2 (10)

And a link to the games in

Pokémon White 2:

I have 7 badges, having defeated the Dragon type Gym Leader Drayden, and it wasn’t too hard- Toxic the Weezing, with his immensely powerful Sludge Bomb, and Quack the Golduck with it’s wicked Ice Punch, made short work of all dragons in the den. The layout of the gym was really cool, with you riding a dragons head and clashing its head to another dragon’s right or left hand, each having a different fighting style (such as defence, offence, triple battles or rotation battles) but needless to say I chose both hands to level up my team.

I’ll present my current team in the next Pokémon Progress post, but here are some screenshots of when two of my Pokémon evolved:

bild 4 (7)

bild 5 (5)

bild 1 (11)

And joining the two games:

If Batman would be a Pokémon, I reckon he’d be this one:


From Poké

Crobat, though Gliscor isn’t all that far off, barring that stupid grin:



8 Bit Video Game Quilts

I just found these really amazing quilts made by Marquise-Crafts at I never could’ve thought of sewing pixelated sprites from video games into quilts! That’s amazingly good work and really imaginative!

Here are some samples:

Sonic_quilt__full_view__by_marquise_crafts dr__mario_quilt__view_1__by_marquise_crafts-d31hc84 NES_Controller_Quilt__view_1__by_marquise_crafts

And to top it off a radical 8-bit style NES controller! If you’re as amazed as I am then please check the artist’s page out for more handicraft, quilts and more.