My Playstation 2 Games Part 2

Playstation 1

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5

– Got it from Mynt & Musik, Stigbergsliden in Gothenburg, Sweden, for 4£ in a so-so shape (though the disc looked splendidly good). I’ve been playin it, and I don’t fancy that the story mode contains a mandatory roaming experience since you’ll have to re-adapt when you get into the fighting segments of the game. Otherwise it’s kept it’s great elements while adding a lot of new characters. Also, when loading the game with my Ultimate Ninja 3 Memory Card in place, it automatically imported all the characters I’d unlocked for the older game. That’s ridiculously cool!

Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1

– Bought for 2,5 £ from Gengåvan in Karlstad, Sweden. It’s great, though the arcade experience means that you’ll die a lot before actually progressing through the game. My favorites are Gun.Smoke and Bionic Commando so far.

SEGA Mega Drive Collection

– 5 £ brand new from SIBA in Karlstad, Sweden, from when they had 50% off on their PS2 games (maybe they still have, it’s because of the Playstation 4 recently being announced). I haven’t played it yet but I look forward to Golden Axe and Comix Zone the most.

Despicable Me

– Bought for 10£ from Empik in Bialystok, Poland. As a multiplayer game it really sucks (it’s a bad Lylatwars clone) but the main game is really great with a lot of creative puzzles that’ll be solved through sacrificing your minions.

Disney Pixar UP

– One of the best Co-Op games there are. Bought for 10£ brand new from Empik. It’s really fun to play and challenging at times. Though I could’ve been without those pain in the arse segments while you’re running from the dogs while running towards the screen, dodging objects and Russel blinding the dogs with his inaccurate mirror.

Looney Tunes: ACME Arsenal

– Bought for 10 £ from Empik, lured in by its multiplayer Co-Op promise. Bottom line: it sucks monkey balls.

Sonic Gems Collection

– Another house warming gift from by twin bro! He’s awesome, right? He sure knows how to warm a house up! I like Sonic CD the most, with Sonic Fighters being a favorite too.

Batman Begins

– Yet another house warming gift from my bro! You’re the best, bro! I haven’t played it yet but it’s supposed to be good.


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