Game Hunting: Pot O’ Games from Ireland

I was in Dublin, Ireland, over the weekend. Their dialect sounds like a mix between Scottish and American English. And don’t get me started on their native language, I’ve never heard or read anything that quite can compare to it. I can’t link it to any language I know, and there were signs in both Irish and English everywhere. Anyhow, I found some dirt cheap games:
bild 4

First I found just the kind of case for my DS that I’ve been looking for in 5 years. It’s an elegant flip case in faux white leather, and it cost me only 1,5 Euros in a Euro store. The box was really dirty, the case itself was brand new.

Then I found these PS2 games. Gamestop has been cleansing its PS2 shelves since the PS4 was announced. They had most games at 1 Euro each (pre-owned of course) bar some GTA games (Vice City and San Andreas, and let’s not forget GTA 3) which they sold for too much at around 5-7 Euros each. Used.

I said “Let’s forget this and let’s get to the games that are worth our while and our money” in fluent Irish. I got these 8 games for 5 Euros total.

bild 1

Sega Classics Collection

It contains a few games that already are included in the Sega Megadrive Collection, and some new ones. For 0,5 Euros I couldn’t pass these quality titles.

Spyro: A New Beginning

I’ve heard it’s a good game, and the gameplay was good (bar the mandatory tutorial sequence that’s in every game telling you how to MOVE your FRICKIN’ CHARACTER around on the SCREEN). But it takes the price for the longest mandatory intro sequence I’ve ever seen! I think I clocked it around 10 minutes.

Need for Speed: Underground

This is the only game that didn’t start up, and I’m not too sad about it. Though I know it’s an awesome game (I played it on the PC a couple of years ago). I’ll try to repair it though. Barum-bum bum! Dararararara! (The title sceen rap song begins like this, it kicks ass because it sounds so silly!).

Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

This one worked very well, but it feels a little weird controlling the cursor with the joysticks, but it’s better than the analog D-pad. It’s much easier using a mouse, and I think I’ve read you can buy a keyboard and a mouse for the PS2. I might just as well do that.
bild 2


This is actually a game that seems to be real fun! I started to play it a little when trying to find out if it worked, and it looks great, has good voice acting, a fun story and good gameplay.

Simpsons Hit n’ Run

This is a game that I’ve wanted for a while, it’s a nerfed GTA clone, and a fun one at that. Not the best Simpsons game there is (Simpsons theGgame taking the price) but still pretty darn good.

Victorious Boxers 2: Fightings Spirit

I don’t know why they named the Hajime No Ippo series something not-so-awesome as “Victorius Boxers”- it should be named… be named… Β First Step Boxing! Because Ippo means First Step. Anyhow… it’s a very pretty looking game, though it plays more sluggishly than the Rocky game for the PS2 and Gamecube (which is a great boxing game!). I think I’ll have to get used to it as I’ve heard it’s a great game.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure

I just started to play the game and it’s charming but man are the controls diffucult! It’s no monkey business!

5 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Pot O’ Games from Ireland

  1. Wow, some great finds there! The GameStop’s here still have some used PS2 games, but so few have cases it’s not even worth it.

    On a side note, Sega Classics Collection is unique in that the games included are actually all remade ports of the originals! Or at least I think they are if I’m not mistaken. They feature new graphics and what not, so that’s kind of cool.

    Also, Futurama is a fantastic find for 1 Euro! If it’s the same type of rarity as in America, that’s a great deal for the game! I’m super jealous of that find πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! I’m pleased with that particular find as well, I haven’t seen it anywhere else at least!

      I was lucky they still had their cases! πŸ˜€

      I really hope what you’re saying about the Sega Collection is true: that would be awesomely rad!


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