Now Playing: Batman & Blue Shadow [NES]

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Blue Shadow (Shadow of the Ninja in the US):

I’ve already spoke about this game a couple of times. I’ve reached Level 4 and it’s a pretty darn fun game.

The plot goes like this:

Set in the year 2029, the evil dictator Emperor Garuda has taken over the United States of America, building a stronghold in the middle of the nation’s “largest city”. To stop Garuda and avenge the innocent lives that were lost in his reign, two ninja masters from the Iga clan, Lord Hayate and Lady Kaede, are sent to infiltrate Garuda’s impregnable stronghold and assassinate him.

What a weird plot. A Japanese dictator takes over the US, and allegedly New York (I suppose New York will still be the “largest city” and main hub of the US in 2029) will be under the rule of a bearded man, and two ninjas are sent to together battle the hordes of henchmen that are sent towards them. I guess we’ll have to watch out for Garuda and his minions in 16 years as 2029 just lies around the corner, and put our hopes and dreams in the hands of Lord Hayate and Lady Kaede.

The game is reminescent of Ninja Gaiden, only not impossible to beat and way more fun (it’s a co-op game, though I’m playing it forever alone).

Some interesting trivia:

GamePro ran a contest in 1991, awarding 10 readers with a free copy of the game. GamePro stated the 10 giveaway copies were an exclusive edition of the game, which had a password feature not included in any of the retail versions of the game, though nobody has yet confirmed to own such a copy.

Interesting. I think they lied. Frickin’ lucky winners.

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Well, have you?

Batman the Game (Batman the Game in the US):

I’ve reached the 3rd stage here (The Sewers), and it’s getting a bit difficult! And I was greeted by The Jester which asked me if I’d ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. I certainly have not!

I like this line since The Jester even tells to Bruce Wayne how meaningless it is (he merely thinks it sounds good and that’s why he says it to everyone).

The game is very good in my opinion, and one of the top titles for the NES. It plays in many ways like Blue Shadow (Yami no Shigotonin KAGE, or Dark Professionals: SHADOW in Japan). I was surprised to see it dissed in this review. The graphics are sub-par, the game difficult (especially the bosses), the music and SFX average and the game itself average at best. I don’t get this at all. At all!

I find the graphics very good for the NES, the music amazingly good, the challenge, controls and bosses great and I think the game is among the best for the system. Well, to each his own.

Well, if my opinion is worth something to you, then get this game if you’ve got a NES.


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