My Nintendo DS Games


This is the Nintendo DS Lite box that I got with the system in 2007. In the bottom is the box for my blue Nintendo 3DS. It’s a great system with a lot of interesting games.There are a lot of games that I want to buy, but I have evidently too many at the moment.


Pokémon HeartGold

– This is my Pokémon HeartGold that I got brand new, 1 year after its release, for 15 £, from Nice!

Nintendo DS

New Super Mario Bros. 2

– Got it as a gift from my wife, together with the 3DS. It’s really addicting and it’s such a blast collecting all those coins. I feel so rich after having played that game. Mario puts Wario and his coin collecting (read: stealing) to shame in this one.

Pokémon White Version 2

–  Bought for 15 £ in Åhlens, Karlstad, Sweden. The best Pokémon game I’ve played as of yet, and I’m going to like it even more the more I play it! A mjust buy if you have a Nintendo DS.

Pokémon Diamond Version

– I bought Pokémon Pearl full price, and then sold it off in a crazy fit. I got this from my brother when he gave his DS system to our sister. He’s such a kind soul, you’re the best, bro!!

The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

– Bought for about 10 £ (15 $) in Book Off in Honolulu, Hawaii. I haven’t played this one yet, but I’ve heard it’s good.

Pokémon HeartGold Version

– Bought for 15£ from It’s a really good game! A perfect remake of Gold Version, and it makes a better job than LeafGreen and FireRed made in my opinion, at it.

Pokémon White Version

– Got it as a gift from my bro for Christmas. It’s a really good Pokémon game that trumps the previous ones, a little let down that you can’t choose older Pokémon until you’ve beaten the game, but that might be exactly what gave one the “new game feel”, if you know what I mean.


– Bought for 4£ from Rusta, Karlstad, for 50% off. It’s a decent game which I’ve wanted, and oddly enough it’s been kind of difficult to find on the shelves of video game stores. I was really surprised to find it in the discount bin!

New Super Mario Bros.

– Got it from my brother as a gift, it’s a great game. One of the best Mario platformers to date and it put Mario back into the sidescrolling market.

Heroes of Mana

– Bought for 12£ from Media Markt in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a too complicated game to learn in one sitting, and I didn’t to well in starting it while having the flu. Since the days after Christmas I haven’t managed to pick it up again to play. I will someday, but it will be a while before I’ll do so.


4 thoughts on “My Nintendo DS Games

  1. Whenever I see Exit DS I always stop and pick it up but never buy it. Perhaps I should take the plunge… Heck, I think it’s less than $5, too!

    And every single game you have is Triple A in quality. Very nice collection indeed 🙂


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