Game Hunting: Sales Make Great Sales




The chain of stores Rusta, which had a 50 % sale last year, had a 75% sale on all video games, books and movies.


75% Sale.


I think you know what happened next. I even bought some Wii games, for a system that I don’t even own!! I’m going to buy a Wii U (a system that really impresses me for a lot of different reasons, one being that one is able to take a console game to the crapper) and I’ll be able to play these on that system.
bild 3


Don’t mind the prices, that are in Swedish Krona’s, I’ll be kind enough to convert them to Euros (1 Euro = 0,6 Dollars).

Trauma Center: New Blood

I got this for 5 Euros. The Trauma Center games are great, and with the Wiimote they play even better. And being a doctor, it’s always fun to see video game creator’s take on medicine and surgery (fiction rarely gets it right, though).

Professor Layton and Pandoras Box

Got this for 4 Euros. The Professor Layton games are said to have good stories and have stimulating and challenging puzzles, and since I played a little of the first game (with its depressing music) I decided I wanted this quality title.

Back to the Future: The Game

A GOOD game based on the best movie trilogy ever. EVER. Anyhow, I got this for 5 Euros, and it’s a game I wanted for a long time. It’s a point and click game with an official storyline, that’s considered canon, where Marty has to travel back to Doc Brown when he was as young as Marty is, all while watching out for the Gangster predecessors of Biff Tannen.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

The Wario Ware games are crazy, and extremely hilarious. I had to buy this compilation of zany mini-games when I saw it, especially when it only cost 5 Euros.

bild 4


We also bought these two for my wife:

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

The Settlers franchise has produced a lot of great games, and this is one of them. I might borrow it from her and play it myself…heh. 2,5 Euros.

The Sims 3: Medieval Age

An add-on with new content for the stand alone game The Sims 3: Medieval Age. The Sims are great games indeed! Got it for 2,5 Euros.

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