Games That Pushed The Limits of Retro Hardware

I found this really interesting article on RacketBoy which shows games that pushed the hardware limits of hardware in systems past, some at the end of the console’s life cycle and some even at the beginning of it. Games such as Virtua Racer or Comix Zone for the Genesis, Donkey Kong Country or Castlevania: Dracula X for the SNES, or Batman: Return of the Joker and Little Samson for the NES were all games that used the full power of their systems to create a visually and audiologically pleasing experience for the gamer.

15441894-tennis-boy-cartoon-player-with-racket-and-ball-vector-illustration new-rb-logo

No, I don’t mean the kind of Racket Boy to the left but the kind of Racket Boy to the right.

Beware that these list don’t account for the gameplay aspect of the games, as we know that Virtua Racer, for example, despite being one of the very few fully 3D games on a home console system at its time, was a poor port from the arcade game and played very badly (not to mention it was horrifically expensive due to new chips and whatnot in the custom made housing of the cartridge) and experienced major framerate cutdowns making your eyes bleed.

Here’s a Link to the article:


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