8 Bit Video Game Quilts

I just found these really amazing quilts made by Marquise-Crafts at Deviantart.com. I never could’ve thought of sewing pixelated sprites from video games into quilts! That’s amazingly good work and really imaginative!

Here are some samples:

Sonic_quilt__full_view__by_marquise_crafts dr__mario_quilt__view_1__by_marquise_crafts-d31hc84 NES_Controller_Quilt__view_1__by_marquise_crafts

And to top it off a radical 8-bit style NES controller! If you’re as amazed as I am then please check the artist’s page out for more handicraft, quilts and more.


8 thoughts on “8 Bit Video Game Quilts

    • I have been crocheting as a kid, but it’s really difficult and either the loops were too tight or too loose, producing a poorly done work. And so I stopped doing thhat.

      I’d reckon quilts being much easier to produce. It’s key to make every patch the same size, but ultimately sewing them together is a pretty straight forward and fairly simple process.


      • I’m saving up some T-shirts with awesome prints on them, that are getting worn out, like from trips, with video game and movie motifs, for a quilt I’ll have in my future gaming room, but so far what I have is in too good a shape.
        A pixel-art quilt on the other hand might be something I’ll do in the mantimme, I just have to er-learn how to use a sewing machine.


    • If I’d “aquire” a few I might send one to you for “a fair price” (your most prized possession). 😀

      Jokes aside, you can buy hand made quilts with video game motifs from Etsy.com, amongst others, though they’re a little bit on the expensive side (around 100 £).


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