Now Playing: Batman and His Pokémon

Batman: The Video Game

bild 2 (6)

This is my actual copy of the game, as seen here. This is the copy I’ve been playing, with the previous owner being a kid (I presume based on the handwriting) named Milan, hence the “M” on the cover. At the off chance of you reading this, Milan, give me a shout in the comments section.

Anyhow, I’ve reached the Sewers, and I haven’t been able to progress because of the hideous ape-like creatures that stand in my way (they’re called Jader). Because of that, here you have some screenshots as a consolation:

bild 1 (10)

bild 2 (10)

And a link to the games in

Pokémon White 2:

I have 7 badges, having defeated the Dragon type Gym Leader Drayden, and it wasn’t too hard- Toxic the Weezing, with his immensely powerful Sludge Bomb, and Quack the Golduck with it’s wicked Ice Punch, made short work of all dragons in the den. The layout of the gym was really cool, with you riding a dragons head and clashing its head to another dragon’s right or left hand, each having a different fighting style (such as defence, offence, triple battles or rotation battles) but needless to say I chose both hands to level up my team.

I’ll present my current team in the next Pokémon Progress post, but here are some screenshots of when two of my Pokémon evolved:

bild 4 (7)

bild 5 (5)

bild 1 (11)

And joining the two games:

If Batman would be a Pokémon, I reckon he’d be this one:


From Poké

Crobat, though Gliscor isn’t all that far off, barring that stupid grin:




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