Unlikely Versus No. 7


Their shared background:

Both are virtually immortal, Mr. Immortal being, simply, immortal and will be reborn completely enraged after each death, and the bearer of the Mask, in the comics collectively known as Big Head, being invulnerable as the Mask grants immortality and invulnerability to the user.

Their strengths:

Mr. Immortal (Craig Hollis) is a genetic mutant that has went even beyond the Homo Sapiens Superior species that the X-men mutants are comprised of, and is of the Homo Sapiens Supreme species. Supreme. Man, has he taken the step beyond or what.

So, basically he’s been immortal since birth and has been guided by a universal being called Deathurge that from time to time tries to kill him, to show Craig’s immortality, but doesn’t succeed doing. Deathurge tries to get Craig hit by cars in highways and even goes as far as burning his house down and kills Craig’s only remaining parent, his pops, in te process which gets Craig put in foster care. After  a series of unfortunate events Craig tries to commit suicide after yet another contact by Deathurge, and finds out that he’s immortal.

And who asked Deathurge to take care of Craig? Craig’s mom, on her deathbed. Great choice, Greg’s mom. You got your husband killed too.

Being immortal, bar his acrobatic strength and fearlessness á lá Daredevil, is pretty much everything he’s got. Also, he gets really pissed off after when he’s revived, though there are a few close to him that can keep that berserk mode off, but in this Unlikely Versus he’ll fight alone against…

Big Head is pretty much any average Joe that gets a hold of The Mask. The Mask grants invulnerability, the ability to warp space and create objects out of thin air, and also has the side effects of making the wearer insane through removing all inhibitions. The first wearer, Stanley Ipkiss, goes on a killing spree ang kills everyone who ever crossed him in his life, his 2nd grade teacher being one of them. He is only stopped when his girlfriend asks him to take the Mask, and then she proceeds to kill him.

The bearer, if not strong at soul, has a hard time taking it off after several uses (a little bit like The Ring to Rule Them All) and will eventually retain the removal of inhibitions in his normal state.

Good Super Heroes that gain it will become Anti-heroes, though there are some that have retained their minds while using it. Also, the Joker has gained it in the story “Joker/Mask” and has remained the same mentally and kicking Batman’s ass through his newly acquired invulnerability. He is already insane after all.

Though in this fight we’ll use a normal average Joe, as the powers pretty much will be the same. The wearer can get powers only limited by the wearer’s imagination, like how a Green Lantern’s powers work.


Their weaknesses:

Mister Immortal loses his head after each revival, and could in theory only be defeated by being locked in somewhere for all time to come.

Big Head would only be able to be defeated if he’d be made to remove his Mask, since he can escape by warping space. It does take a lot of effort to do it, and is even more difficult a task if the wearer has no close ones and has a great self esteem. A lowly thug, Nunzio, with low self esteem and a yellow costume (the one The Mask in the movie is modelled after) was charmed to take it off in exchange of a kiss by Ipkiss’ girlfriend Kathy, just to be killed by her afterwards.


Unless the wearer of the Mask is able to contain Mister Immortal, he will surely lose or be tricked to take the mask off in time, though I don’t see that as a very possible outcome. Honestly I’m a bit torn about this one, but I actually think Big Head would win since the chances are high that he’ll be able to contain Mister Immortal in some area, or put him in space where he’ll get killed over and over and not be able to get away, like in the middle of the sun or something like that, which is a condition that Big Head would be able to survive in. Also he has superhuman strength and other abilities that can completely overpower Mister Immortal, forcing him into confinement.

Big Head emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?


Images from: http://themaskstrikesback.webs.com/n27891.jpg


5 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No. 7

  1. The possibility of the Mask to be able to be taken off is a huge weakness. Especially since it can be forced off too.
    So Mr. Immortal being full-time immortal would eventually win this in the long run.


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