Nintendo Attire



There are quite a few really good looking clothing items modelled after the NES controller, maybe because it looks so good and maybe because it’s such an iconic controller that brings a lot of people back into their childhood, giving a feel of nostalgia or even simple familiarity.

To me it gives a sense of awesomeness.

Because it’s awesome. Even more awesome than this epic beard:




Ok, maybe not that awesome, but still. 

Let’s take a gander on this belt buckle:



Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it beautiful?

I have one, bought the buckle from New York and the belt from Harayuku in Tokyo, combining two elements from East and West to make a great installation of hold-my-pants-up goodness.

Guess which awesome hero also wore a NES belt?



That would be Captain N! The GAME MASTER!


And look at this.



Now look at me. Look at it. And listen… Listen to its words and look at my face but look at its face while it’s talking. Look at my face. Don´t look at its face. Listen to my words and hear its face.

In all seriousness this is an awesome messenger bag, to deliver messages like the one above with. If you get the reference then make a comment below!

And for the suave yet immaculately childish of us there is:




NES Controller cufflinks. Got mine from my wife for graduating Med School. They’re subtle details that reek of awesomeness, showing that beneath that stylish shell of yours you’re just an awesome guy that likes to have fun too.


Just like the rest of us.

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