Nostalgia Shower: Pokémon Red & Blue Version


I clearly remember the day I bought Pokémon Blue together with a Gameboy Color.

There was the smell of early summer hanging in the air, the weather was relatively warm for the season and I was exalted about finally getting to buy the game. Still, every time I smell the same early summer fragrance, I get to remember that day and feel the surge of nostalgia filling my body.

The whole thing began when my brother and I opened up the Swedish Club Nintendo Magazine. By chance we opened the magazine and got to read an article about the new video game phenomenon Pokémon. Back then they were only one set of the same game. We read through the same article over and over and were completely smitten by the game and absorbed all of the content completely.

The images, the goals of the game, the story and the setting really appealed to us. I remember writing an essay of one page for school about the game, and back then I believed in Poké Gods, the well spread rumor that probably was a term covering not only the legendaries, but also other rumors such as Pikablu, Mewthree (which by the way is a reality with the release of Pokémon X and Y) and some more. I honestly believed that they granted wishes and stuff, and I still remember that guy who spread it to me telling me this. He must have known how false they were since he and his brother already owned the game!
I remember thinking that the concept of 150 Pokémon to choose from, and create your own arsenal or monsters, was a very appealing and overwhelmingly awesome concept. Your own arsenal of monsters. Man, that a real boys dream come true, albeit it’d be in a virtual environment.


After about a month or so we decided to buy the game. It took a while to save up the dough needed to buy it (our parent’s thought it was wise for us to feel the real value of jovial things that we purchased, and I thank them for it still) since we didn’t get everything we pointed at just like that kid at school did, the one we all had around us and that we were immensely jelaous of. During that time the TV show had started to air, and after about 2-3 fantastic episodes we could finally afford the Gameboy Color and the Game Pak.

I’m pretty sure it was a Thursday that we got to buy the game, but I can’t recall the date. We were to buy it the same weekend but impatient as we were our parents allowed us to buy it that same day, on the condition that we were to make our homework first. I think it was about 5 PM after school that we were to depart to the store, but we actually went there about 2 hours earlier. Yes, we were that psyched! Our mom is really awesome.

We were as excited as kids can be (and occasionally adults, such as when I go to flea markets) on our way to Toys R’ Us, and we set for the video game shelves as soon as we entered the store. Back then they had small sheets of paper with the name of the video game and a barcode, and I’m not sure if they still have them. I remember frequently imagining fetching a lot of them and go cash them in for free at the cash register, sometimes I did it because of a competition I’d won and sometimes I’d con the cashier to give me the games. The former was a much more common fantasy though.

We bought a Gameboy Color each and I chose Blue Version while my bro whose Red Version, and we also joined in to buy a Link Cable. We didn’t have enough money but we “lent” some from our mom, and we paid her back from our allowance weekly. What an angel she is, our mom.

While back in the car we opened everything up and played a little before we got home. I walked around in Pallet Town, and spoke to everyone there and I couldn’t advance. I didn’t dare to step out in the grass since I thought the wild Pokémon would peck/scratch/bite/tackle you into smithereens since you clearly were warned about it.

Then my brother told me, in a very enthusiastic way, that he was choosing his first Pokémon. We were very competitive back then and I asked him, in a panicky kind of way, how he went to do so. And the hold me to walk out into the dangerous grass.

Walk into the grass.


Anyhow, I’d meant to choose Squirtle in the beginning and my brother wanted Bulbasaur. But since I accidentally chose Bulbasaur I asked my brother to restart his game and choose a Pokémon he didn’t want, namely Charmander, instead of resetting everything myself. Man, I’m ashamed of that still, but he was kind enough to do so.

In my defence we went to greatly prefer those Pokémon over our original choices, my favourite is Bulbasaur and his is Charmander.

And the rest is history.

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Duck Hunt

tumblr_mf5sx3N24n1r46vblo1_500 tumblr_mkea60mvlF1s3l4aio1_500 b7d49a4225e45afc94c5d5111d7e2952

I know y’all remember that stupid laughing dog in Duck Hunt- this topic probably has been done to death but I wanted to present to you these images, and the opportunity to shoot the dog once and for all, outside of the Vs. Duck Hunt game, of course:


Shoot the Duck Hunt Dog


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Your Grandma’s Nostalgic China


Isn’t this bad ass? This level of nostalgia of both the old and the familiar has never been combined before. Behold: Pokémon Blue china.

I can’t fathom the sheer awesomeness that is this piece. I want one for my game room.


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening too?!

I don’t think you can buy these great plates, I’ve been searching everywhere but alas, I haven’t been successfull. If you know otherwise then tell me!

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Game Hunting: There’s a Retro There, I Promise!

I never went to Retrospelsmässan (trans. Retro Game Convention).

The line was 3 hours and I neither had the time nor the energy to stand in line to get in there. Besides, they had a live video feed which one could watch from at home, and that sounded like a better idea after all.

Me and my friend went to Mynt & Musik at Stigbergsliden. And as usual I left the place with some good games!

bild 3 (10)

Lylat Wars

I got this game for roughly 6 £. It has a more wicked European title when compared to the English one (Starfox 64). It’s a Nintendo 64 classic and the price was actually pretty good in my opinion.

bild 2 (11)

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Ah, Dragonball Z. I’d heard mixed opinions about this game. Some say it’s as good as the Budokai Tenkaichi series, some say it’s better. I say that this is a beefed up Budokai game (not Budokai Tenkaichi, mind you! It gets confusing, really.) as the attack patterns and fighting is very similar, bar some new elements. While the Budokai Tenkaichi games are free roaming and emulate the fighting style of the Dragonball Z franchise very well, the Budokai games are more linear and “2D” in a sense. This is good in its own way and gives another flavor to the game. And that’s the style this game has too.

I like this game, but there are early on two flaws- the first level is insanely difficult for novice gamers, even on the Easy setting, and the checkpoint thingy drove almost drove me nuts, and the second one is that Raditz is very difficult, and while staying true to the original story this is frustrating as it’s only the second level in the game.

Got it for 4£.
bild 1 (12)

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

I finally got it! As you could see in this post I tried to buy it and this is what happened:

Then I also went to the same flea market again to look through the Gamecube stuff and I decided to buy James Bond: Everything or nothing. And as the title suggests that’s what happened: it contained “everything” (a Rocky disk) but still “nothing” (not the game I wanted).

This one didn’t even cost more than 1£, but it’s considered quite good for a Bond game.

Beta Fanaticism


Are you one of those, like me, that often is more amazed by Betas than the finished product?

Then I’ve got some gold for you.

Definition: Software almost ready to be released that still contains bugs. The game is stable enough for reviewers and to be shown at exhibits.

Developers sometimes have private beta testing that you can apply to join. Other times, they make it an open beta that is usually available to download on the game site.

Now that we’ve got the definition out of the way, let’s talk about Betas.

What I find interesting and stimulating with betas is the thought process. As you’ve seen in my post “An Insight Into the Creation of the Pokémon Games“, I find things like that fascinating. You get to see a window into the mind of the creative process of talented people.

There are two sites I frequent in my endeavors to get that peek into their brains:


While Unseen 64 has betas and unreleased data from games of all platforms, Nintendo Player focuses on Nintendo (obviously, duh).

Here’s a comparision between the Beta and Alpha versions of Mario Kart 64:

mariokart mk64_player_select_jp

If you want to read more about Betas and such, written by me, you can read “White City, Where Art Thou” and “Metroid: Zero Mission“.

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Alternate Medical Names for Nintendo Consoles














* Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Acquired by being overweight

** Ear toxicity, especially drugs.

*** Varicella is the virus causing Chickenpox and later on, when reactivated in adults, also Shingles.

**** CP = Cerebral Palsy

***** MS = Multiple Sclerosis

The Ultra 64


Remember the Ultra 64?

I remember it being the only thing we talked about as kids, the awesome Ultra 64 with its 3D and state-of-the-art games. I couldn’t even imagine what the games would look like in 3D, and I’d even shun games that weren’t in 3D for the system (like Yoshi’s Story, but now I don’t like that game for different reasons than that).

Initially Nintendo called the system “Project Reality” as they believed that the hardware would rival the super computers of that time. They had to ask outside companies to create their hardware, such as Silicon Graphics and MIPS Technologies.

There are a few differences of the Ultra 64 console that was showcased to the public in -94 and -95. The shape of the console would remain the same. Rare made Killer Instinct and Cruisin’ USA to be ported from the arcades to the Ultra 64, to boast its capabilities, and you can even see in some early versions of Cruisin’ USA (I have done so myself!) the Ultra 64 logo during the title loop!


From Killer Instinct278812-crusnusa

From Cruisin’ USA

Here’s a Link to a comparision between the Ultra 64, the transition model and the model we know:  444px-MM-Link

Images from: http://www.projectcoe.com and