One Year and Still Tickin’!

1 year



That’s right folks! My dear followers! All 50 of you!


I thank you for your continued support, even though I haven’t had the most unique visitors a day (ranging from 2-116, with an average of 15 views a day) I still think I’ve had a good time with y’all in the blogosphere. I’ve previously been active another 3 years with a Swedish-language blog that, needless to say, didn’t reach out to as many people as this blog has, due to the language barrier. But now I have visitors from all around the world!

This might sound a little bit like a farewell post, with me listing my abysmal visitor stats, but that’s not what I’m trying to get through to you. What I’m trying to get through is that 50 people, of them 48 persons which I don’t know in real life, have followed and are reading what I write, and I haven’t even gone through the process of advertising for this blog- 50 people are a lot of people and each and every follower means a lot to me, hence why I try to keep a pretty regular updating schedule and bring you content as much as I can, though this might be the longest post I’ve been able to write in a long time.

I’ll be trying to translate some of my older and better posts for you, things that I really think you’d like to read about, and mix them in with the new stuff  I cook together. And I’ll be trying to buy some new video game titles soon.


Now I’m busy packing my stuff together in preparation of a move, while trying to advance in Pokémon White 2. I’ve beat the Elite Four and I have tried to get an Imposter Ditto in vain. I need my 3DS to connect to the Internet as my DS Lite can’t handle the new and advanced WEP keys that our new router has. Oh, the woes of the people left crying at the roadside in the dust from the cartwheel of the advancement of technology. And the 3DS charger is at my parents’. Yay. I’m stuck with a team devoid of Copycat. Yup, that’s what I’ll call it, in honour of Copycat Girl in Pokémon Blue, the one giving you Mimic.

And in honour of our moving process I’ll present to you the only Pokémon game where you’ve just moved in to the ‘hood just to ditch your mom in your new crib, ’cause you like the outdoors:




I really wish I had Pokémon that could do the moving for us.





Thanks for now! Keep stickin’ around for more!


First image: Second image:


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