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There’s this little game for the Gamecube called Geist. It’s German for ghost, if I recall correctly, and the title pretty much summarizes the theme of the game. This is one of the fewer 18+ horror games for the Gamecube, and one of the few more mature games (barring other First Person Shooters). And it was never released in Japan!!


You’re playing as John Raimi, a civilian scientist that’s investigating the Volks Corporation. You’re being led by Thomas Bryson of team CR-2 (a counter terrorist group) and in a series of events the alarm goes off and in an attempt to flee the complex one of your buddy agent suddenly gets “possessed” and kills all of you off excluding  John and Thomas, who are captured by the V.C.

Then they get on ripping out your soul from your body. Actually, it’s John’s soul that’s ripped out of his body. While your soul is being brainwashed by a creepy machine in a Virtual Reality environment (and you’re to possess a bunny bun bun), and you’re being taught the basics of controlling your spirit, you’re freed by the increasingly creepy spirit of a small girl called Gigi. She teaches you the more advanced aspects of being a ghost in an attempt to make friends and play with you. And then you get on on your quest to free Thomas and get your body back.



This image depicts a standard screen by the most frequent creature you’ll possess: humans. Unlike other sentient beings and inanimate objects, humans has to be scared to be able to possess, and that’s through exploring your environment to find objects to use to meet your goal.

The list of objects and beings to possess are impressive, and you’re presented controls and a viewpoint of each of them, while possessing them. So far I’ve possessed a bunny, a semi-dead rat, an electric generator of sorts, a crate of explosives, a janitor, a soldier and probably more that I don’t remember.


I’m really impressed by the game so far, and once I’ve moved out of this apartment I’ll have even more time to play it. I really recommend the game to everyone owning a Gamecube!


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6 thoughts on “Now playing: Geist

  1. Oh man, Geist. Bought it not long after it was released. Never completed it, as I got stuck on a boss battle. If I remember rightl, it was a battle in a circular lobby like area.

    Maybe I’ll give it another go.

    It’s the more overlooked game from the main three third person, first person action shooters from that generation that feature protagonists with psychic like powers. The other two are Psy-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (not very good) and Second Sight (one of my favourite games).


    • Second Sight… I might look into that one.
      What really drawed me towards playing the game is it Messiah-esque gameplay. I’m at a boss battle, using a soldier’s body as a weapon, against a dude with an unfair bullet-proof shield and exploding grenades. So far I’m stuck at that point but I’ll give it another go.


      • Aaaaw, and that’s pretty early on too! My strategy is hitting him while he’s running, but he’s too tough to kill off that way. I think I’ve missed something, he has to have a weak spot.
        I understand that you got stuck there too!


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