The 251st post!

This is my 251st post. Not only do I celebrate “the usual” milestones but also the numbers connected to the Pokémon franchise.

With the advent of Pokémon Gold & Silver versions, who were meant to be true continuations of Pokémon Red & Blue (but got hogged of the glory of being the first true sequels in the series by Pokémon Black & White 2), we were granted 100 new monsters to train and capture. This truly was a marvellous time for fans as the games made a huge jump in all aspects, and there are a lot of reasons many fans consider these two games being the best in the series, as they made the greatest leap forward.

Let’s celebrate this 251st post with this image of all the Pokémon up to that point, in the Hyaku style:

pokehyaku01a pokehyaku02a pokehyaku03a pokehyaku04a

They’re listed from left to right, in the Japanese manner of reading, and I think Magcargo, Miltank, Azumarill, Mantine, Crobat, Snorlax, Weezing, Lickitung, Onix, Farfetch’d and Butterfree and Piloswine look really good in this style.

Link to original gallery:


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