What’s Up With This Dude


I’m sure y’all have seen this image somewhere on the Internet. It depicts the ideals of how a radical teenager, meaning you, should be and what he should have back in the days:

  • High fashion clothing.
  • Having a neon-yellow Capcom cap which horribly contrasts your pink shirt.
  • Putting up video game store exlusive posters of your favorite games.
  • Having a TV on your desk. Seriously, who had that? Did you? The only things on my desk were a stationery and books and stuff. I’d never study with a setup like that hindering my studies.
  • You should have a mullet.
  • Have Nintendo Power issues together with your boxed NES games, and some more boxes just thrown randomly on your desk.
  • Don’t forget your model helicopter and fighter jets hanging from your ceiling.
  • A baseball trophy, to show that you’re fit despite all your gaming (and at the same time appealing to parents).

A couple of questions:

Where are the books? You know, both to study and to leisurely read?

How could the middle class afford such an expensive lifestyle for their kids? I mean, your own TV set? Is he an only child?

But what boggles me the most is:

What’s up with the MULLET?!

By the way, I’m on vay-cay at the moment so updates are sparce until I get back.

Image from: http://herpderpedia.wikispaces.com/


4 thoughts on “What’s Up With This Dude

  1. They only went illegal in the fashion world.
    I believe that having that setup would lead to bad grades.
    You would be tempted and eventually give in to rather playing games than studying.


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