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I’ve followed the blog of Junichi Masuda, the Game Director of Game Freak, for some time and I’m not sure all fans knows of this one. I think everyone should have a read, as he takes time to write in English for us (though I sometimes suspect Google Translate having a role in the process) and presents a lot of juicy information to us fans. He also describes a lot of the creative process of both current games and previous games, and has even made a retrospective on the intro music of each game from Red & Blue to Platinum version, while describing his thought process behind each piece.

Anyhow, I want to share it with you. Either click the pic at the top of the page or the Link below to read his stuff:


Game Freak is the group behind Pokémon, Mario & Yoshi, Drill Dozer, Smart Ball, Mario & Wario, HarmoKnight and Pulseman. There are some interesting references to Pulseman in the Pokémon games (from Wikipedia):


  • One of Pikachu’s attacks is called Volt Tackle, which in Japan is called Volteccer and utilizes the same idea of turning into an electrically-charged ball and smashing into an enemy.
  • In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the organization Team Galactic  may be a reference to Doc Waruyama’s gang of the same name.
  • The Gunfish enemy that appears underwater in Stage 6 of Pulseman resembles Remoraid, as they are both combinations of fish and revolver pistols.
  • The Pokémon Rotom has a similarly shaped head to Pulseman, and is able to enter electrical devices much like Pulseman. Rotom is also surrounded by a blue electrical aura that resembles Pulseman’s electrical powers. When Rotom is first encountered, it comes out of a television with only static on the screen, similar to how the game Pulseman begins.
  • Commander Charon from Pokémon Platinum, who is said to have first discovered the Pokémon Rotom, has a very similar hairstyle to the Doc Waruyama, the character who created Pulseman.

Also, I’m led to think that this Pokémon is a homage to Pulseman:


…maybe not, but Bisharp and Pulseman sure look alike!


Images from: and

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