The Ultra 64


Remember the Ultra 64?

I remember it being the only thing we talked about as kids, the awesome Ultra 64 with its 3D and state-of-the-art games. I couldn’t even imagine what the games would look like in 3D, and I’d even shun games that weren’t in 3D for the system (like Yoshi’s Story, but now I don’t like that game for different reasons than that).

Initially Nintendo called the system “Project Reality” as they believed that the hardware would rival the super computers of that time. They had to ask outside companies to create their hardware, such as Silicon Graphics and MIPS Technologies.

There are a few differences of the Ultra 64 console that was showcased to the public in -94 and -95. The shape of the console would remain the same. Rare made Killer Instinct and Cruisin’ USA to be ported from the arcades to the Ultra 64, to boast its capabilities, and you can even see in some early versions of Cruisin’ USA (I have done so myself!) the Ultra 64 logo during the title loop!


From Killer Instinct278812-crusnusa

From Cruisin’ USA

Here’s a Link to a comparision between the Ultra 64, the transition model and the model we know:  444px-MM-Link

Images from: http://www.projectcoe.com and



4 thoughts on “The Ultra 64

    • It’s the Beta name of the Nintendo 64, it was announced as such during the first couple of years since it was announced. They changed the name to Nintendo 64 before the release.

      Like when the Gamecube was called Nintendo Dolphin (because of a component in the hardware that was called “Flipper”, incidentally another component was called “Gecko” so they might just as well have gone with Lizard. Hah!)


  1. I remember the ads about Ultra 64. I believe that there were releases of the Ultra 64 consoles in Beta and I have seen some people on Youtube showing them off.


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