Beta Fanaticism


Are you one of those, like me, that often is more amazed by Betas than the finished product?

Then I’ve got some gold for you.

Definition: Software almost ready to be released that still contains bugs. The game is stable enough for reviewers and to be shown at exhibits.

Developers sometimes have private beta testing that you can apply to join. Other times, they make it an open beta that is usually available to download on the game site.

Now that we’ve got the definition out of the way, let’s talk about Betas.

What I find interesting and stimulating with betas is the thought process. As you’ve seen in my post “An Insight Into the Creation of the Pokémon Games“, I find things like that fascinating. You get to see a window into the mind of the creative process of talented people.

There are two sites I frequent in my endeavors to get that peek into their brains:


While Unseen 64 has betas and unreleased data from games of all platforms, Nintendo Player focuses on Nintendo (obviously, duh).

Here’s a comparision between the Beta and Alpha versions of Mario Kart 64:

mariokart mk64_player_select_jp

If you want to read more about Betas and such, written by me, you can read “White City, Where Art Thou” and “Metroid: Zero Mission“.

Images from: and

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