Game Hunting: There’s a Retro There, I Promise!

I never went to Retrospelsmässan (trans. Retro Game Convention).

The line was 3 hours and I neither had the time nor the energy to stand in line to get in there. Besides, they had a live video feed which one could watch from at home, and that sounded like a better idea after all.

Me and my friend went to Mynt & Musik at Stigbergsliden. And as usual I left the place with some good games!

bild 3 (10)

Lylat Wars

I got this game for roughly 6 £. It has a more wicked European title when compared to the English one (Starfox 64). It’s a Nintendo 64 classic and the price was actually pretty good in my opinion.

bild 2 (11)

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Ah, Dragonball Z. I’d heard mixed opinions about this game. Some say it’s as good as the Budokai Tenkaichi series, some say it’s better. I say that this is a beefed up Budokai game (not Budokai Tenkaichi, mind you! It gets confusing, really.) as the attack patterns and fighting is very similar, bar some new elements. While the Budokai Tenkaichi games are free roaming and emulate the fighting style of the Dragonball Z franchise very well, the Budokai games are more linear and “2D” in a sense. This is good in its own way and gives another flavor to the game. And that’s the style this game has too.

I like this game, but there are early on two flaws- the first level is insanely difficult for novice gamers, even on the Easy setting, and the checkpoint thingy drove almost drove me nuts, and the second one is that Raditz is very difficult, and while staying true to the original story this is frustrating as it’s only the second level in the game.

Got it for 4£.
bild 1 (12)

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

I finally got it! As you could see in this post I tried to buy it and this is what happened:

Then I also went to the same flea market again to look through the Gamecube stuff and I decided to buy James Bond: Everything or nothing. And as the title suggests that’s what happened: it contained “everything” (a Rocky disk) but still “nothing” (not the game I wanted).

This one didn’t even cost more than 1£, but it’s considered quite good for a Bond game.


6 thoughts on “Game Hunting: There’s a Retro There, I Promise!

  1. Everything or Nothing (with the actual game, not Rocky :P) is actually pretty fun! And for that cheap, it’s a steal!

    Lylat Wars is a much cooler title than Star Fox 64. That being said, Star Fox 64 is in my top ten favorite games of all time!


    • I never owned Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars before, but a friend did and we played it a lot. And Slippy was as useless as ever, and that’s why he’s my favorite in the Star Fox team!
      The gameplay is solid and there’s a lot of levels in the game. And the story isn’t bad either. I’m really pleased these find.

      And I’m glad I got Everything or Nothing and not Rocky! (Though the latter is the best Boxing game I’ve ever played but that’s not that many.)


      • Oh man, if Rocky is the best boxing game you’ve played, you’ve got to try Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!! I think both are available on the Wii if you have one and they’re in your region…


      • Ah! I mean it’s the best “realistic” boxing game! :-O

        I have Punch Out!! for the NES and I have played Super Punch Out!! and they’re fantastic and more fun than Rocky. If I’d ever get a SNES Super Punch Out!! is absolutely on the list of the games I must get for the system.


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