The Guardian Legend: Tips and Stuff

When playing The Guardian Legend, me and my brother soon realized that we weren’t that good at it, not matter how fun it was, and we started to mess about with the game.


While a common tip is to put in all “J”‘s at the password screen to get an enclosed room but with all powerups, there’s one we discovered that no one has presented yet:

bild 1 (17)

If you put in all “G”‘s on the upper line and all “H”‘s in the lower line you’ll get to:

bild 2 (16)


The difference between the former code I showed you and the one we discovered is that ours doesn’t show you one specific place with one specific weapon set… ours, Glitch City, is completely unpredictable and gives a random kind of glitchy place with a random weapon set. This makes it more interesting than all other codes, including those giving you all powerups, full health and all areas beaten. Also you might get to fight a glitchy boss…

Neat, huh?

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Now Playing: Super Metroid

They had this sale on the Wii U Virtual Console (which unfortunately is a wee bit… empty at the moment when compared to the Wii V.C. library) and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that they offered Super Metroid, that was sold for about 7£, for 80 P! For ye Mer’icuns that’s a reduction from 10 dollars to 1 dollar… and seeing how I don’t have a Super Nintendo, and have bought most quality titles ported for the GBA, this was a great opportunity which I took immediately.

bild 1 (16)

An image from my TV screen.

I have to start out by saying that this game wasn’t as hard as it’s known to be, or at least as I thought it to be. Because of the creepy atmosphere and such this game grew to be a bigger challenge for me than it really should. I actually think the game was really easy after having completed Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion. I think this game is an exception to the common notion that older games are more difficult than new ones.

I finished the game on and off for during a week. The other two took me about 2 weeks each on and off and were more challenging. Anyhow, I really enjoyed the game, and I can just say that the Metroid franchise so far has managed to make gold.

bild 2 (15)

Screenshot from the Wii U gamepad screen.

It took me 8 hours and 41 minutes to beat the game, as you can see. I found the Wii U gamepad to be gold when it came to playing the game. Never before have I been able to take a console game with me anywhere in my house, and that includes:

1) Playing the game on the couch while watching TV.

2) Playing through Meridia on the crapper.

bild 3 (12)

As you see I only got 62% of the items, which I guess isn’t bad as I had tons of health, Missiles, Super Missiles and Power Bombs at my disposal.

But I’ll have to tell you one thing. Once again, during the countdown segment at the end of the game, I felt torrents of fecal matter accumulating inside my being because of the sheer stress races against the clock give me.

But this time it was a little bit better.

Game Hunting: Finally Some Real Retro!

Game has started to sell all kinds of used video games from different platforms in their store in Sweden. I think that’s so that they can remain strong as business hasn’t been what it used to be lately, but for a gamer that’s great news!

They had all kinds of formats… NES, SNES, GB, GBA, Genesis, N64, PS1, GCN… and actually for quite fair prices when compared to their usual stock of used and new games that cost a lot more comparatively (usually their used games cost as much as new ones do in other stores around here, not that you can’t find the odd steal from time to time).

I managed to check two games on my list that I had as a kid.

bild 1 (14)

The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy:

This is a decent and fun game made for the NES in 1991. You can play as Fred, who weilds his club and has raw power, or Barney, who has a slingshot gun and shoots enemies a little bit more slowly to death. The graphics are alright as is the music, and the gameplay is fun and memorable, hence why I bought this game again. For 10 £ I couldn’t pass it up, and that price tag is below the mean and amongst the cheapest ones for this game, when you add shipping to the price.

Tip: When buying games from the ‘net always add shipping to the price tag. If a game you’re checking out on the net costs as much as it would in a physical store, shipping included, and you know both are in good shape, then go for the copy in the physical store. Then you’ll be able to see the condition in real life, and returning the game if it doesn’t work will be much easier and seldom cost you anything.

bild 2 (13)

The Guardian Legend:

This is one of the best games for the NES. At times it’s very challenging but it still manages to be fun most of the time. The music is top-notch and the graphics are great. The gameplay mixes between an overworld  with a “Legend of Zelda- esque” view and a shoot-em-up style of gameplay. In style and shape this game strongly reminds me of Gun-Nac, for the NES, which is a great vertical shooter. Some of the music, sound effects, gameplay mechanics and even enemy sprites are borrowed from that game. In Gun-Nac you battle evil Bunny Overlords and evil carrots, and that explains why we see lethal carrots scattered around the overworld of Guardian Legend.

We had this as a kid and I can still remember when my parents bought this for us together with Bionic Commando. They came home from shopping and surprised us with those two games.

This is yet a case where the European box art greatly exceeds the North American one by far in all aspects:


Fun facts: The robo-gal on the cover eeringly reminds me of Sigourney Weaver from the Alien franchise. Also Broderbund software released the game in the US, while IREM made it.

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Mighty Weird Ad


What the heck am I looking at? That’s not panic!


panic at the disco1

Seriously, that’s a really weird ad. What the heck is happening to the dude? I hardly think he’s panicked, though. Possible scenario:

The guy just took a big sip of milk. Then he gets shot in the leg.

What was the concept behind this ad? I don’t know. You tell me.

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Odd names from the U.S.


I don’t mean people names, I mean company names, road names and the like.  During my trips to the U.S. I found these hilarious names that I’d like to share:

Yeehaw Jct

This is just so fun. Earlier it was called Jackass Junction got a name change when the Florida Turnpike was built (it’s a major highway that stretches from the northernmost part of Florida to the southernmost). Why was it previoudlu called Jackass Junction then? Well, apparaently people used to  ride there on their burros, which in English translates to jackass. There you have some humor, history, and language in one.

Potty Doctor

This is the name of a plumber apparently. The name appeared on a building which certainly was the office for these potty doctors. It’s just so fun. “We’re plumbers with humor.”

Fat Boy’s BBQ

Is apparently a chain of restaurants, but alas the name is striking. It would be fun to go in one of the stores and see what one looks like, but since they were situated only along the roads we didn’t have an opportunity to do so. Are they full of typical American fatsoes? Or are they incidentally only full of thin people because the name of the restaurant makes all obese Americans conscious of their weight? I rather think the first is true, since Americans are proud of their weight. Just kidding, let’s drop the stereotypical prejudices.
(Note: There was not many severely obese people in Florida, at least not as many that I thought we would find. I’d think most are in Texas.)

CSI – Cleaner Services Incorporated

“Hey, Mike, where are you going?”
“I’m having a meeting with the CSI.”
“Whoa, what crap have you gotten yourself into?”
“Some dirty laundry and a dirty apartment.”
“They come after you for that too? Man, I’ve got to clean my house right now. Smell ya later!”


No comments. Just so darn immature fun.

Bad Ass Café

That’s where all tough guys go when they have graduated from High School. ‘Cause there is only one place left for those that give you a wedgie and steal your lunch money, and that’s frickin ‘BAD ASS CAFÉ. There’s just nothing more radical!

Hobo’s Bar

Have you lost your apartment? Has your wife kicked you out? Welcome to Hobo’s Bar!

McFatter Technical Center

There’s a man that’s more of a man than McFat, and that’s McFatter.


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(This is a post from my old blog)

Wicked Games for the Game Boy


Well, this is one of those ads for the most “Wicked Games” of the time that we used to see, and still see from time to time, in Video Game magazines. You can see a lot of good games, and also a rating under each from magazines that conveniently have given a good rating of the games. But the new releases haven’t been reviewed. Back then you couldn’t find a review mere hours after a game was released, not even on Ye Ole Internet.

I can spot some not-so-wicked games mixed in that bunch… that’s clever. Great advertising trick, really. They are:

Space Invaders, while a good game, shouldn’t be good for the Game Boy. I think the lack of colors kill this game.

Soccer. Wait, what? It’s such a generic game.

Tetris 2 simply pales in comparision with the original. A lot of the concept gets lost in this more “modern” adaptation of the game.

But needless to say I can vouch for the rest. They’re all great games!

And Wario sports a “derp” face in this one. Magnificent.

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Game Hunting: They Will Be Retro Soon!!

… in some way they already are, at least the PS2 and Xbox games, with the release of the PS4 and Xbox One being imminent, and especially Gamecube games, as the Wii U is released. I see retro games as games that are the third from the newest generation and older.

First I went to Gengåvan in Karlstad, Sweden. They usually have PS2 games at a low cost, and this time they had some good ones too:

bild 1 (13)

It’s Colin McRae Rally 2005, which is pretty good, for 3 £. Rally games are great on the PS2. With NET PLAY! Oooooh!

And I also got Madagascar for 3 £, and it’s supposed to be an OK game. I mainly bought this because I really like the Madagascar movies.

bild 2 (12)

I also got Punch Out!! for the Wii for about 18 £ brand new and sealed. I think that’s a decent deal, and the game is one of the best for the system.

Why am I buying even more Wii games if I don’t own the system?


I’ve got myself a Wii U with Nintendo Land!


And it’s fantastic! I don’t get the bad rep the system has gotten, I think it’s basically nitpicking and negativity galore. It’s fun, it’s innovative, and now it’s pretty cheap too.

The game is fantastic! Especially that Legend of Zelda mini game. And there are a lot of new games coming for the system this Fall, which negates the most common point people have against the system, its game library. I mean, it’s not as if you can’t play Wii games in the system, and there are a fistful of solid games already for it.


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