Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Take Super Mario Bros., a game most of us have played to death and mastered, add some classic Nintendo characters, cross-platform graphics, sounds and music, and you’ll get Super Mario Bros. Crossover.


Made by Exploding Rabbit, Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a Flash game that plays very much like the original SMB for the NES, and aside from the usual NES graphics and sounds you can choose (or select to be set at random) Gameboy style, NES style or SNES style graphics and sounds. And depending on the characters you choose the enemies and music of the stages will be different, as will the challenge depending on which character you choose for which stage!

You can even choose among all the different styles, clothing and generation graphics for each character! Isn’t that rad?!


Above is the NES style grapchis. I generally find Ryu Harabusa from Ninja Gaiden being the best to use, as is the Bill from Contra, but it’s pretty much a matter of preference.

You can choose between, Samus Aran, Super Mario, Mega Man, Link, Bill Rizer, Ryu Harabusa and Sophia the 3rd from Blaster Master.

super mario crossover_thumb[3]

It’s really amazing what they’ve been able to create, at least for someone like me who doesn’t know anything at all about programming and stuff.


And here is the SNES version graphics.

Click the Link below for a link to the game!


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