Professor Oak

My favorite character in the Pokémon universe is Professor Oak. Firstly, he is the first character in Pokémon Blue and Red that one gets to see, together with a Nidorino (who sounds like a Nidorina). Secondly, the adventurous music played when he shows up sounds like a march and is adventurous, which makes you believe that he’s even more radical than any other character in the game. The music is the same as that played in Vermillion City, and thus I draw the conclusion that it’s the Prof’s theme and that he’s from that city. Just like that.

His first name is Samuel, and he’s also been a Pokémon trainer, probably in the top class, in his youth. He then ended his nomadic life as a trainer and began investigating Pokémon and all their secrets, how they live in their natural habitat, their characteristics and their behavior and interactions with people and nature. I think he simply understood there were no one good enough to defeat him anymore, and since we don’t see him battle all too often, I think it’s safe to say that he’s the best trainer there ever was.

He has a relationship with Agatha of the Elite Four, not much known aboutit , however, but it’s speculated that they might have been together or close friends, and according to Agatha he betrayed her by leaving the Pokémon League and Pokémon battling behind him and that goes against her ideology, as evidenced by the chat one has with her in the R/B/Y versions.

He created the Pokédex, a revolutionary encyclopedia that’s used as a tool to find out as much as possible and to record all living pokémon through its use by a trainer.


How does he know when you’re using an item inappropriately? That’s a great mystery, and gives the sense of Big Brother-esque surveillance at all time, leaving the player vulnerable to his prying eyes at all times. Art by

Professor Oak has contacts with young professors who often have more energy than he has to participate in exploring the Pokémon in the regions, excluding Professor Rowan in Sinnoh. While Professor Birch of Hoenn (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald) doesn’t seem to have much of a connection to any of the other regions and their authorities in research, he is young and engaged, and uses his ten year old daughter (irresponsibly)for field studies, which seems to be unique to the game. The others don’t partake as much as he does personally in field studies and often let younger kids (irresponsibly) explore dangerous regions for them.


The professors have their own specialized fields of study:

Kanto has Professor Oak who researches the Pokédex and the relationship between pokemon and humans.

Johto has Professor Elm who studies Eggs and special behaviors of Pokémon.

Hoenn has Professor Birch who researches Pokémon habitats and their distribution.

Sinnoh has Professor Rowan  who studies Pokémon evolution.

Unova has Professor Juniper who researches Pokémon origin related to legends and mythology.

Professor Oaks grandchildren are Daisy and your rival, Gary/Blue/Green. Not much is known about his own children, but I’m speculating that they are out of the picture for some reason. Otherwise parents usually appear in the games. Maybe that’s why your rival is such a douche.


You apparently could have fought him and his team in Pokemon Blue and Red, but that battle was removed for unknown reasons from the game. With a GameShark or a Gamegenie one can, however, try to fight against his team that creepily enough resembles Gary’s team. Perhaps he’s be the Champion of the Pokémon League. This might be hinted at by the message on his PC in the lab, which invites him to the Pokémon League. This is explained later on and we’re told that he’s an consult for the League because of his authority. I still think he was meant to be the Champion though, but that’s more because of personal preference.

And that sums up why I think Proffessor Oak is the most interesting character in Pokémon. It is the mystery that surrounds him and the power to know that he possesses in his heart. The goodness and icy steel that hides in his chest. The graceful but unpretentious attitude he possesses, the glowing but icy look he gives those he loves and hates, the firm grip he has when he shakes someone’s hand. And the hardened but happy eyes of a man who has been through a lot but come out of situations half ruined but still satisfied with life.

That’s Proffessor Oak.


Professor Oak says: “Puh-leeease! Chillax man!”

Images from: www.giantbomb.com

2 thoughts on “Professor Oak

  1. Professor Oak is the manliest of the manly, the core of which Pokémon stands on.
    I think that the truth is that he indeed was the Pokémon master above Elite Four, but that he realized that someone else should take over (so he gave the title to Gary without fighting seriously). And then you beat Gary pretty easily, right?


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