Game Hunting: They Will Be Retro Soon!!

… in some way they already are, at least the PS2 and Xbox games, with the release of the PS4 and Xbox One being imminent, and especially Gamecube games, as the Wii U is released. I see retro games as games that are the third from the newest generation and older.

First I went to Gengåvan in Karlstad, Sweden. They usually have PS2 games at a low cost, and this time they had some good ones too:

bild 1 (13)

It’s Colin McRae Rally 2005, which is pretty good, for 3 £. Rally games are great on the PS2. With NET PLAY! Oooooh!

And I also got Madagascar for 3 £, and it’s supposed to be an OK game. I mainly bought this because I really like the Madagascar movies.

bild 2 (12)

I also got Punch Out!! for the Wii for about 18 £ brand new and sealed. I think that’s a decent deal, and the game is one of the best for the system.

Why am I buying even more Wii games if I don’t own the system?


I’ve got myself a Wii U with Nintendo Land!


And it’s fantastic! I don’t get the bad rep the system has gotten, I think it’s basically nitpicking and negativity galore. It’s fun, it’s innovative, and now it’s pretty cheap too.

The game is fantastic! Especially that Legend of Zelda mini game. And there are a lot of new games coming for the system this Fall, which negates the most common point people have against the system, its game library. I mean, it’s not as if you can’t play Wii games in the system, and there are a fistful of solid games already for it.


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6 thoughts on “Game Hunting: They Will Be Retro Soon!!

  1. Whoa, congrats on the Wii U! I still have yet to purchase one of my own:(

    It’s so hard to determine what will be a future collectible game, but future retro games are easy to find: they’re literally everything! Haha, enjoy the new games (Punch-Out is great, BTW).


    • It really is hard to determine that! Usually mint copies of games at the end of a system’s life cycle I guess, or gems that have a cult following end up being real collectibles.

      Thanks! It’s a great system! I wanted a Wii, and also a Wii U, and thought to myself: You’ll get two in one!

      I really enjoyed Punch Out, I finished the Minor Circuit but Piston Hondo (or Honda in the NES, didn’t they want to get sued or what) really kicks my ass. I can’t get in the strategy to beat him. He was really easy in the NES version, here he’s boss.


  2. Hey guys. Great site.

    My mum recently had me clear out the last of my stuff from the attic and I came across a bunch of my old Sega Saturn games which surely could be on your list. The highlights included Virtual On and Panzer Dragoon Saga. Made my day to see them again.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks! 😀 So far I’m only one guy but I have plans to get a co-writer.

      I don’t have any Sega Saturn games on my list, as there’s little I want to play on the system!


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