Wicked Games for the Game Boy


Well, this is one of those ads for the most “Wicked Games” of the time that we used to see, and still see from time to time, in Video Game magazines. You can see a lot of good games, and also a rating under each from magazines that conveniently have given a good rating of the games. But the new releases haven’t been reviewed. Back then you couldn’t find a review mere hours after a game was released, not even on Ye Ole Internet.

I can spot some not-so-wicked games mixed in that bunch… that’s clever. Great advertising trick, really. They are:

Space Invaders, while a good game, shouldn’t be good for the Game Boy. I think the lack of colors kill this game.

Soccer. Wait, what? It’s such a generic game.

Tetris 2 simply pales in comparision with the original. A lot of the concept gets lost in this more “modern” adaptation of the game.

But needless to say I can vouch for the rest. They’re all great games!

And Wario sports a “derp” face in this one. Magnificent.

Image from: http://www.flickr.com/

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