Odd names from the U.S.


I don’t mean people names, I mean company names, road names and the like.  During my trips to the U.S. I found these hilarious names that I’d like to share:

Yeehaw Jct

This is just so fun. Earlier it was called Jackass Junction got a name change when the Florida Turnpike was built (it’s a major highway that stretches from the northernmost part of Florida to the southernmost). Why was it previoudlu called Jackass Junction then? Well, apparaently people used to  ride there on their burros, which in English translates to jackass. There you have some humor, history, and language in one.

Potty Doctor

This is the name of a plumber apparently. The name appeared on a building which certainly was the office for these potty doctors. It’s just so fun. “We’re plumbers with humor.”

Fat Boy’s BBQ

Is apparently a chain of restaurants, but alas the name is striking. It would be fun to go in one of the stores and see what one looks like, but since they were situated only along the roads we didn’t have an opportunity to do so. Are they full of typical American fatsoes? Or are they incidentally only full of thin people because the name of the restaurant makes all obese Americans conscious of their weight? I rather think the first is true, since Americans are proud of their weight. Just kidding, let’s drop the stereotypical prejudices.
(Note: There was not many severely obese people in Florida, at least not as many that I thought we would find. I’d think most are in Texas.)

CSI – Cleaner Services Incorporated

“Hey, Mike, where are you going?”
“I’m having a meeting with the CSI.”
“Whoa, what crap have you gotten yourself into?”
“Some dirty laundry and a dirty apartment.”
“They come after you for that too? Man, I’ve got to clean my house right now. Smell ya later!”


No comments. Just so darn immature fun.

Bad Ass Café

That’s where all tough guys go when they have graduated from High School. ‘Cause there is only one place left for those that give you a wedgie and steal your lunch money, and that’s frickin ‘BAD ASS CAFÉ. There’s just nothing more radical!

Hobo’s Bar

Have you lost your apartment? Has your wife kicked you out? Welcome to Hobo’s Bar!

McFatter Technical Center

There’s a man that’s more of a man than McFat, and that’s McFatter.


Image from: http://tcovg.aftervision.com/duck_hunt_dog_laughing.gif

(This is a post from my old blog)


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