Game Hunting: Finally Some Real Retro!

Game has started to sell all kinds of used video games from different platforms in their store in Sweden. I think that’s so that they can remain strong as business hasn’t been what it used to be lately, but for a gamer that’s great news!

They had all kinds of formats… NES, SNES, GB, GBA, Genesis, N64, PS1, GCN… and actually for quite fair prices when compared to their usual stock of used and new games that cost a lot more comparatively (usually their used games cost as much as new ones do in other stores around here, not that you can’t find the odd steal from time to time).

I managed to check two games on my list that I had as a kid.

bild 1 (14)

The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy:

This is a decent and fun game made for the NES in 1991. You can play as Fred, who weilds his club and has raw power, or Barney, who has a slingshot gun and shoots enemies a little bit more slowly to death. The graphics are alright as is the music, and the gameplay is fun and memorable, hence why I bought this game again. For 10 £ I couldn’t pass it up, and that price tag is below the mean and amongst the cheapest ones for this game, when you add shipping to the price.

Tip: When buying games from the ‘net always add shipping to the price tag. If a game you’re checking out on the net costs as much as it would in a physical store, shipping included, and you know both are in good shape, then go for the copy in the physical store. Then you’ll be able to see the condition in real life, and returning the game if it doesn’t work will be much easier and seldom cost you anything.

bild 2 (13)

The Guardian Legend:

This is one of the best games for the NES. At times it’s very challenging but it still manages to be fun most of the time. The music is top-notch and the graphics are great. The gameplay mixes between an overworld  with a “Legend of Zelda- esque” view and a shoot-em-up style of gameplay. In style and shape this game strongly reminds me of Gun-Nac, for the NES, which is a great vertical shooter. Some of the music, sound effects, gameplay mechanics and even enemy sprites are borrowed from that game. In Gun-Nac you battle evil Bunny Overlords and evil carrots, and that explains why we see lethal carrots scattered around the overworld of Guardian Legend.

We had this as a kid and I can still remember when my parents bought this for us together with Bionic Commando. They came home from shopping and surprised us with those two games.

This is yet a case where the European box art greatly exceeds the North American one by far in all aspects:


Fun facts: The robo-gal on the cover eeringly reminds me of Sigourney Weaver from the Alien franchise. Also Broderbund software released the game in the US, while IREM made it.

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2 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Finally Some Real Retro!

  1. Ah, the Guardian Legend, an often overlooked game but with great game mechanics and will keep you hooked as soon as you start playing it (at least if you get past the intro stage!).


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