The Guardian Legend: Tips and Stuff

When playing The Guardian Legend, me and my brother soon realized that we weren’t that good at it, not matter how fun it was, and we started to mess about with the game.


While a common tip is to put in all “J”‘s at the password screen to get an enclosed room but with all powerups, there’s one we discovered that no one has presented yet:

bild 1 (17)

If you put in all “G”‘s on the upper line and all “H”‘s in the lower line you’ll get to:

bild 2 (16)


The difference between the former code I showed you and the one we discovered is that ours doesn’t show you one specific place with one specific weapon set… ours, Glitch City, is completely unpredictable and gives a random kind of glitchy place with a random weapon set. This makes it more interesting than all other codes, including those giving you all powerups, full health and all areas beaten. Also you might get to fight a glitchy boss…

Neat, huh?

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