Video Game Adventures in the US: Musee Mecanique

While in San Fransisco we stumbled upon one really radical place… The Musee Mecanique at the Fishermans Wharf. This place was breathtakingly awesome. This is what people used to have in the past before the digitalization of amusement games became common during the 70’s.

This is Arcade history, from when all things were mechanical and people were bored as hell. From when there were no TV’s and when every cabinet cost a Dime to a Quarter to interact with.


Do you know Williams? They created famous games such as Defender and Joust, and started out creating Pinball games. They’re still active and have their roots in the 40’s. They’re part of WMS Industries, who traces its roots as far back as 1943 to Williams Manufacturing Company. They’re behind this game where you’re supposed to drive your car and it will measure your reaction time.


Here’s a mechanical game where you’re supposed to ring the bell by hitting with a hammer. I think all of us has tried one of these out at some time of our lives, albeit in a more modern fashion.


Yes, this is how old some of the stuff were in the hall. I think there were not only one, but three, stereoscopic cabinets where you could watch the Earthquake and fire disaster of 1906. I guess the people of past were as drawn in to morbid events as we are today.

That’d basically be what we do when we watch the news.


Classic Arm Wrestling. I love the guy’s mask, he has to be related to Darth Maul in some kind of inconcievable way:


And the guy in the background is mighty ugly. Wrestler Andore, I presume?



A Bimbo-Box. Hah! An assembly of laid-off monkeys playing instruments in a box, most likely enforced by the toxic effects of weed on the primates mind. Are they supposed to be Mexican monkeys or was the cabinet made in the 70’s? I couldn’t say for sure, the clothing style is too ambigous for me to base a statement on.


What’s this!? Let’s put that quarter in and examine…


…the execution of an unfortunate dough figure. Once again a testament to the fascination of the morbid of humans of all times.The amusing part is that the priest to the left says the prayers first, just before the poor Mr. Dough gets his final verdict and his head falls into the basket before him.

Which madman would pay a quarter to see the simulation of a guillotine aided execution?

I did.


Is this supposed to be Santa Claus? He looks delightfully frightening. I’d really watch out and I’d really cry if I’d see this guy climbing down my chimney. In both senses.


Santa’s Little Helper looks horrendous. More like Satans Little Helper. How could anyone find this remotely accurate? I’m not really sure this really is Santa Claus and his Merry crew anymore.


Good Lord, who do we have here? Is this another Helper? Is this the actual Fred Clause, as in the movie with Vince Vaughn? Or is this just a pervert that has infiltrated the Merry crew or something?


This actually was a Retro Santa Claus Work Shop. I’m sorry guys and gals.


Oooh! That sounds taboo! Let’s get excited! Puttin’ in the Dime in the one to the right!


Eh? What’s this? A man surrounded by pictures of showgirls. “To be happy see what every married woman must not avoid”… and then this guy? What’s the big idea? I don’t get it.

The cabinet to the left, labelled “XXX” and so forth, contained a reel where a woman beat the living crap out of a man who tried to massage her shoulders. Then a lady friend enters and sees the whole debacle. Awesome.


And here it is, the oldest machine in the Museum. Some kind of reel that allowed you to watch moving pictures, supposedely the creator made a few of these with different themes and they were fairly popular.


Look out their web page here. But we warned, they also had, as you can see in the home page, Laughing Sally, a mechanic woman who both instilled laughter as well as fear into the children of San Fransisco since she was introduced to them.

Me, I felt both laughter and fear. It was a peculiar sensation and well worth to pay a quarter for.

Images from: and, all images from Musee Mecanique Copyright the Author MartianOddity.


Video Game Adventures in the US: Square Park

Everyone says that arcade games are really tough, and I actually agree. I mean, they’re designed to swallow your quarters as fast as Sonic would eat 50 Chili Dogs.

There are, however, some instances where that notion hasn’t been entirely correct, as with Time Crisis 3 where my brother and I got to fight Mad Dog at the last level on one quarter each, or when we beat Jurassic Park 3… on ONE quarter in Las Vegas.
bild 1 (18)

That’s me to the left and my bro to the right.

Jurassic Park 3 is, as you might already have noted, a shooter where you slaughter dinosaurs in their natural habitats. I think you’re escaping from the park (or the island… like in the 3rd movie?) and in your way stands herbivorus as well as carnivorus dinoes that are trying to force you meeting your maker.

The challenge was just enough, but trigger mashing during the rail-shooter parts of the game and the ever so convenient Evade button during the boss fights you simply never felt overwhelmed. We quickly decided that one of us would be responsible for the shooting and the other for evading during the boss fights, and that made the trick.

I also had the privilege to spot a familiar sign which made my gamer blood boil out of excitement:



Coming next… an Old School, and I really mean Old School, arcade hall in San Fransisco.


When you’re going to San Fransisco,

Make sure to put som quarters in your bag…

I’m BACK!!

Dear followers. I’m back!

These are the things I have in store for you for the nearest time:

1. Review of Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers for the NES

2. Review of Dragonball Z: Sagas for the Gamecube

3. 2 (!) Retro Games Hunt posts

4. Recollection of all other Video Game related stuff I encountered in the US, because, let’s face it, the US is a much more Video Game invested country than Sweden is.

5. Godoshingo, of the blog “Short Stories and Such” is going to be a guest writer of all things video games and movies for this blog and I’ll be posting stuff for his blog. Short Stories and Stuff is basically a collection of stories and poems about certain fictional, both widely and less known ones, and background characters from shows that have left an impression on the viewers. That means more stuff for you to read!

You can see that I’ve been busy behind the curtains during my vay-cay. Until more posts are finalized (the first post will be expected for you to read already on Sunday!) I’ll present to you this bear that has awakened from hibernation:



Art by: Jason Engle,

Game Hunting: Ghosts and Pikmin

I’ve been at Game again. They’re selling their Wii games for kind of cheap now that the Wii U is up and going with new titles announced for next year.

So I got myself some through their take 3 and pay for 2 campaign:

bild 1 (15)

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

This is a game I’ve wanted ever since it was released, and for a price tag of 12 £ I found it being a good deal… seeing how I didn’t have to pay shipping, got 1 year warranty and got to see the game in first person. Also, I got one game for free so… great deal.

You play as a rookie Ghostbuster that’s mentored by the original four ones from the movies. The game has gotten great reviews so I thought I’d get it as a Ghostbusters fan.

bild 2 (14)

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The Metroid Prime Trilogy is a really great one, and since I already had the first one I thought “Then let’s get the third installment!”. So now I only have to find Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for a decent price, and then I’ll have all 3! I got this one for 10£, maybe not the greatest deal on its own but I didn’t have to pay shipping and got a third game for free.

bild 3 (11)


This is a classic game for the GameCube that was perfected with the Wii controller! I also wanted this one since it was released but only came around buying it now, I think the Pikmin mini game for NintendoLand was what made me feel into the groove for buying this game.

I think this will be the last Retro Games Hunt for a while as I’ve overspent lately, but stay tuned for other content!