I’m BACK!!

Dear followers. I’m back!

These are the things I have in store for you for the nearest time:

1. Review of Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers for the NES

2. Review of Dragonball Z: Sagas for the Gamecube

3. 2 (!) Retro Games Hunt posts

4. Recollection of all other Video Game related stuff I encountered in the US, because, let’s face it, the US is a much more Video Game invested country than Sweden is.

5. Godoshingo, of the blog “Short Stories and Such” is going to be a guest writer of all things video games and movies for this blog and I’ll be posting stuff for his blog. Short Stories and Stuff is basically a collection of stories and poems about certain fictional, both widely and less known ones, and background characters from shows that have left an impression on the viewers. That means more stuff for you to read!

You can see that I’ve been busy behind the curtains during my vay-cay. Until more posts are finalized (the first post will be expected for you to read already on Sunday!) I’ll present to you this bear that has awakened from hibernation:



Art by: Jason Engle, Deviantart.com


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