Video Game Adventures in the US: Square Park

Everyone says that arcade games are really tough, and I actually agree. I mean, they’re designed to swallow your quarters as fast as Sonic would eat 50 Chili Dogs.

There are, however, some instances where that notion hasn’t been entirely correct, as with Time Crisis 3 where my brother and I got to fight Mad Dog at the last level on one quarter each, or when we beat Jurassic Park 3… on ONE quarter in Las Vegas.
bild 1 (18)

That’s me to the left and my bro to the right.

Jurassic Park 3 is, as you might already have noted, a shooter where you slaughter dinosaurs in their natural habitats. I think you’re escaping from the park (or the island… like in the 3rd movie?) and in your way stands herbivorus as well as carnivorus dinoes that are trying to force you meeting your maker.

The challenge was just enough, but trigger mashing during the rail-shooter parts of the game and the ever so convenient Evade button during the boss fights you simply never felt overwhelmed. We quickly decided that one of us would be responsible for the shooting and the other for evading during the boss fights, and that made the trick.

I also had the privilege to spot a familiar sign which made my gamer blood boil out of excitement:



Coming next… an Old School, and I really mean Old School, arcade hall in San Fransisco.


When you’re going to San Fransisco,

Make sure to put som quarters in your bag…


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