Spilled Water On Keyboard!

I’ve spilled water on my laptop and the keys work in an impractical way, but everything else is alright.

I’m getting a cheap USB keyboard tomorrow and then resume writing!


I’m such a clutz!!



6 thoughts on “Spilled Water On Keyboard!

  1. Do you still have any insurance for your computer, which may cover it?
    And is it the circuitry that is broken? If it is just the buttons you can find them cheap quite often. If it is the circuitry then my condolences. You may have to change the whole thing. Google and search for solutions. 🙂


  2. I don’t remember the last time I used a laptop. Desktop PC all the way. Anything else is on my phone. Cleaning the keyboard is very easy. I toss it into the dishwasher (it’s a cheapo, so no critical electronics there). Just don’t go trowing your $100+ Logitech in there!

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    • Yeah, I use a desktop PC too nowadays. The laptops were my only choice as a student abroad but I always preferred Desktop PC’s. It’s amazing that you can put a keyboard in a dishwasher! 😀


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