Review: Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

This is basically a revamp of the review I wrote for my Top 10 NES games list. This one gives a fresher view of the game as I recently played it through with my bro and we managed to finish it for the first time.

#04:  Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

You’ll control Chip and Dale as you team up against Fat Cat and his gangster minions through an assortment of stages whichnwill leave you delighted, and at other times sad, as in the last stage where you’re presented with melancholic background music and depressed gangsters who are deep in thoughts, pondering about their tough upbringing and how everything could have gone so wrong.

Graphics: 10/10

As a game made by Capcom, this game has minimalistic designs that closely represents areas and other items from the show. The graphics are top notch, maybe not those on the NES that resemble 16-bit graphics, but delightful to ogle. You’re walking around all kinds of settings, illegal casinos, alleys containing robo dogs and murderous critters, sewers and a deadly kitchen that probably belongs to Gordon Ramsay.

Sounds & Music: 8/10

The music and sound effects are of high quality and are enjoyable. The music is good and all, but might be high-pitched and noisy at times, why I’m deducting 1 point from this compartment when compared to my last review.  In other words I’ve realized that not only the sound effects, but also the music, is a little bit too high pitched. After one specific moment I felt something wet and warm running from my ears. It wasn’t blood, it was cerebrovascular fluid. You know, the fluid that encases the brain. Yeah, that’s how high pitched it can be.

Gameplay:  10/10

The single player mode makes me feel lonely, but one can always make up the story that Chip is out to rescue Dale, or that Dale is dead and Chip is on a mission to extract cold revenge. As I said before, the single player mode only deserves a an 8 out of 10, but as the Multiplayer game is much more fun, counting in the rivalry and cooperation, this game will get a 10.

The controls are good, the jumping is a bit off at times, especially in 2 Player mode, but it’s nothing that affects the game any more than an aneurysm would. You can pick up most items and throw them at enemies or your buddy (to daze him/her, hah). You can throw apples, boxes, metal boxes and Chip or Dale. Sometimes your other team members will show up and help you in your quest. If you want to be an ass you can pick your buddy up and throw them in the gapes of danger. Hah!

Replay value: 10/10

In 2 Player mode I’d consider the game to be very replayable indeed, albeit a bit too easy.  I never grew tired of this game over the years.


Recycled trivia: Fat Cat, while you battle him, is HUGE. I mean, he’s bigger than Fat Cat actually is supposed to be  in comparision to Chip N’ Dale in the cartoon and comics. Also, he flicks cigar ash at you which is a very insulting move.

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