Review: Dragon Ball Z: Sagas


#??:  Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

Ah, the fabled Dragon Ball Z:  Sagas game that got poor reviews and that has been bashed a lot. It’s the only  fully 3D action-RPG-esque DBZ game there is to date, and the question is: Does the game really deserve all the negative critisism it has gotten?

The answer is both yes and no.

Graphics: 9/10

The game really looks good, the landscape is detailed and the levels are different in design, the renders are of a high quality and animation is very good as well.


Sounds & Music: 6/10

The music doesn’t always fit the theme, and the biggest problem is that there only is one in-game song that loops over and over again. That’s a major bother! Otherwise the sound and music is of decent quality, with recorded voice acting for each character.

Gameplay:  7/10

It’s a beat-em-up that’s quite linear, but with the possibility to find hidden Z-coins to trade in for new abilities, whether it’s new Ki attacks, tactical abilities like Ki-sensing or combos (which youll need badly against Cell).

About every level contains some kind of boss character and with two players, and even in single player by the way, you can breeze through the game and there’s hardly any grand challenge awaiting you, other than the last boss fight with Cell, which takes a huge leap in difficulty  when compared to the previous battle with Android/Cyborg #17.

The only drawback is in two player mode when you’ll have to take turns every minute or so and then you’re controlling, for example, in the Goku vs Freeza fight, one Goku with one life bar each.

Also the game has been reported to be glitchy, and we experienced just that when fighting Freeza in his 2nd form when one of us fell through the ground. The other player, and Frieza, followed as they were in the air. We fell further and further away from the ground infinitely and had to restart the game as there was no way to deal damage or beat the level. The camera isn’t optimal either but is in the same class of the one in Super Mario 64.

Replay value: 7/10

The game would be very much replayable in 2 player co-op mode, but I can’t believe 1 player mode would be  a little bit… lonely. I mean, if a game has 2-player co-op the alternative quickly falls in attractiveness.


This was the first Dragon Ball Z game to be developed by a non-Japanese developer, and the first one  to be released on a non-Japanese console (the Xbox). It also was ended up being the only DBZ game to be released on the Xbox.


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