Retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ads



I really like this nifty little ad, first we see TMNT: The Arcade Game cabinet get some ooze on it and then it mutates into something… inferior.

Wasn’t the idea that the mutation gives you better abilities and attributes which makes you surpass ordinary humans in skills and characteristics? If that’s so then this has to be Anti-Ooze they’re using. Now I’m not saying  TMNT II: The Arcade Game is bad, au contraire my dear reader, the game is very very good for being a NES game, but when you put TMNT the Arcade Game next to TMNT II: The Arcade Game you’ll get what I mean, the sound, controls, graphics etc. are leagues apart, in a technical sense.

Well, there’s a mutation that goes against the norm…



Baxter Stockman.

Poor thing.

The casualty in the making of this ad:

One perfectly fine TMNT the Arcade Game cabinet.




This ad is delightful too. It’s a kind of basic ad for TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, arguably one of the best Arcade ports for a home console. This is easily one of the best beat-em-ups there is, as many have said and more probably will continue to say.

I only have one thing to note: They’re saying:

“The ever villainous Shredder has sent one of his androids to steal the Statue of Liberty…”

That “android” happens to have a name, you know. He’s name is Krang. KRANG.  Every kid knew Krang. Why wouldn’t you just write it ?

Krang by Olli Hihnala


Images from, in chronological order:  Unrealitymag.com, and

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