Game Hunting: I Know It’s Not Retro…

… but it’s too late to change the title!

Here are some games that I got in  “Take 3 Pay For 2” campaign that only a few select Game stores (those that can afford it that is) offer. A good haul, I say!

bild 3 (18)

The House of the Dead: Overkill

It’s The House of the Dead. OVERKILL.

You know what I mean if you’ve played the game. This is one of the best House of the Dead games in my opinion, and apart from the solid stream of cursing, a mother making out with her dracula-esque son and forcing you to watch through the story, it’s a really good game that I recommend to everyone that’s a fan of rail shooters.

And as with all other rail shooters it’s even more fun if you play it with a friend. Or a random hobo you’ve paid a couple of dollars to keep ya’ company.

I really like this game and it’s great to pick up during Halloween. I think this one is a great addition to the series and that’s when comparing it to the more pure arcade versions in the series.

I got this for 12£, the same price as I paid for the other games, only I only paid 24£ for the lot. This was, in my opinion, a good price as they didn’t sell the game in Sweden as far as I know. At any rate, finding a copy over here wasn’t that easy, and for such a good price I grabbed it.


bild 1 (25)


Need for Speed: ProStreet

I mainly got this game because of good reviews and the fact that I didn’t have a racer for the Wii U yet.

Also I really like racing games, the thrill of being in the lead…. man that makes me go singin’:

I’m Headed For The Border
It’s On My Mind
And Nothin’ Really Matters
I’ve Got To Be On Time
Look In The View Mirror
Is He Hot On My Tracks
Is He Getting Nearer
I Feel Some Heat Is On
My Back

(Speed Demon)
Speedin’ On The Freeway
Gotta Get A Leadway
(Speed Demon)
Doin’ It On The Highway
Gotta Have It My Way
(Speed Demon)
Mind Is Like A Compass
I’m Stoppin’ At Nothin’
(Speed Demon)
(He Say) Pull Over Boy And
Get Your Ticket Right . . .

 There are other people too that have a need for speed, though I’m sure they’re suggesting something else entirely.

bild 2 (22)


Tetris DS

I’ve already told ya’ lot before that there is but one perfect Tetris game (maybe not in those words, and sorry for calling you a “lot”, you’re a great group of people, I’m sure):

“This is the best Tetris game I’ve ever played. Period.”

Quote from: Link-LoZ-Sprite

I’ve already cleared the Marathon, but I’ve yet to score full points at the Endless Marathon (it takes too long time to bother, though I’m sure I’d make it if I wasmotivated enough [please put that gun away]) and I also have cleared Lv. 74 in Yoshi’s Cookie (or whatever that bakery thingie is called), I like to pause and listen to the small jingle that you get when having beaten a level, it’s so pleasant.

Please reply for all the Oddities in the World!

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