Game Swap with Loppisapan

For the first time I decided to partake in a game swap with another fellow game collector. Because of the game selection, trust and postage reasons, I swapped games with Loppisapan, a dude that collects retro video games, comics, movies, toys etc. His blog name translates to “Flea Market Monkey”. That’s rad.

After a week of e-mailing back and forth, to make sure that both parts were content with the swap, we ended up with the following deal:

I’d send Heroes of Mana for the NDS, R-type Dx  for the GBC(cartridge only) and roughly 12 £ in exchange for Goldeneye, Probotector and Super Mario World for the GBA. I considered it fair as he could get 20-30 £ just for Probotector alone.

byte 1

Not only did I get these games, but he also sent me these awesome games and objects, to my surprise, as a bonus. I did know beforehand that he’d send me a bonus, but I never could’ve imagined that he’d be this generous! I felt a little bit ashamed as I didn’t send any bonus items myself… but I will next time we decide to swap stuff!

byte 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is really fun and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets looked interesting on startup. In Pro Skater I made a lot of wicked tricks and stunts effortlessly and in Harry Potter I immedately started off meeting Dobby the House Elf. Poor Dobby… at least he had the honor of having Harry as his dearest friend.

He also sent me a lot of inserts, and I’m really weak for that kind of stuff, so here follows a gallery of them:

byte 3
byte 8 byte 7 byte 6 byte 5 byte 4

byte 9

I noticed this detail on one of the inserts. It’s so gallantly 80’s the way  it’s portrayed. Kind of like in this picture:




I’m going to publish one post a week from now on, so that I can play more video games during the weeks at well- but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that things are going downhill for this blog. I’m planning on writing some guides for retro gaming, such as on the choice of  the best CRT TVs for gaming and I’ll try to get some guest reviews posted as well.

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Game Hunting: Some Hidden Retro in Here

Today’s Retro Games Hunt occured in two steps, both in Game stores, but with some distance in time between them.

bild 2 (25)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus:

This is a game made by Konami (which usually means that you’ve bought a quality title) which is based on the 2003 cartoon which pays homage to the darker roots of the TMNT franchise and tries to capture on the spirit of the darker TMNT comics while still marketing to kids.

In the series, which I haven’t followed all to well (I do dig the dark and twisted episode Same as it Never Was though!) there’s a Universal tournament and I think this game leads up to that.

You start up controlling and switching between the 4 turtles (very much similar to the first TMNT game for the NES) but this time they have their own powers and abilities as well. It’s decent but takes a little while to get used to, and I don’t know what to think of it yet. I played the first level with my bro Co-Op style, and I didn’t like it that much probably because it was a tutorial level, but we never kept on playing the 2nd level after all.


Yeah, there’s a big but.


Image courtesy of

The game contains the original TMNT Arcade game (the one that gets mutated in this ad) which is unlockable. That itself was enough reason to pay 10£ for this game. I probably could’ve got it even cheaper but I was there, gave the box a sneer and got used to the price.

And then there’s the 2nd venture into another Game store, and as most Swedes know they’re also trying to get rid of their PS2 stock by now .

bild 3 (23)

Metal Slug 4:

I love the Metal Slug games and when I saw this on the shelves, for the first time in my life, I had to buy it. 13,5 £ sounded a little bit too much when compared to a price tag around 9£ on Ebay UK and Amazon UK, but I really wanted this game really much, even though it looks like a PS1 game and is a direct port of the arcade, as it’s really really good and fun as fudge.

Well, after some discussion my wife and I decided that I’d buy the game anyways (we decided this one together as it was a tough decision). I went to the cashier and he told me:

“You know that you’ll only have to pay 3£ if you pick two other games as well, right?”

My answer:

“No I didn’t, but I know exactly which ones to pick.”

bild 1 (29)

Police 24/7:

It’s made by Konami, it’s a Cop simulator game and there weren’t many more titles to choose between bar loads of sports games. The story looked pretty generic and the cover intriguing so I got this one.

bild 2 (29)

X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse:

I’ve read that this game is supposed to be good, and there seems to be a 2-player Co-Op mode. And X-men is awesome so I thought “Man this game looks awesome, gotta get this one!“.

And 3£ for 3 games really sealed the deal.

Review: Pokémon Puzzle League


#??:  Pokémon Puzzle League

Most gamers know what Tetris Attack is, and maybe even what Panel De Pon is. They’re the same puzzle game which truly was innovative when it was released, and feature an array of different characters from the original cast of the Japanese games to Yoshi and even Pokémon.

Graphics: 7/10

The game looks cheap when it comes to the menus and such, but that might be because they wanted to makeit look kiddish and to follow the art style of the 99’s -early  00’s. The images are of good quality and the movies in the cart are of decent quality. Nothing spectacular in other words but your eyes will refrain from bleeding.

bild 4 (14)

Sounds & Music: 7/10

The music is of MIDI quality which isn’t that good, but are versions of familiar tunes to the Pokémon anime fan which is a huge plus. I guess they couldn’t add instrumental music because of space limitations, I mean they did have movies in the game after all and that’s grand for being on the N64.

Gameplay:  10/10

There’s a lot to do in the game, whether is the “League” or other modes of Tetris Attack, and there is honestly little new in this game when compared to others. As usual there’s Puzzle, Marathon and Line Clear in Easy mode onwards as well an unlockable Very Hard. Super Hard and Insane mode. I’ve gotten pretty far on Super Hard, mainly due to luck and 60 continues, but had only trouble with Gary and Mewtwo in Very Hard mode. So there’s space for improvement for the gamer and lots of puzzle fun.

You can use Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle but there is no Charmander to be seen in the game.

bild 5 (12)

bild 3 (19)

Replay value: 10/10

I really like the Tetris Attack series, and for fans and non-fans alike there’s much to the replay value of the game as the game itself is easy to learn but difficult to master.

bild 1 (26)


Hidden inside the code of the game are two unused voice clips, presumably from staff saying  “Yumi-chan, I love you” in Japanese and the other saying “I love you Liz.” in English. (from

bild 4 (16) bild 3 (20)

And as y’alls can see, I gots myself the Master Trophy. I’m a Pokémon (Puzzle League) Master!

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Super Scribblenauts and the Super Mario Reference

bild 2 (27)

bild 3 (21)

bild 4 (17)bild 5 (14)

Isn’t that rad?

In the sequel to Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS there’s a reference to Super Mario Bros. using the already existing sprites that exist in the game, in  Level 4-1. I was positively surprised seeing this! And the game intself is really entertaining and you can make even more words come to life this time around, and this time you can also add adjectives!

I recommend the game to everyone that likes games like these, and those who like pitting the Robosaur against a Metal Cthulhu.

Gameboy Game Display Stand

I got this stand, originally made for holding cigarillos, from my dad. When I asked him for a store display case or stand he immediately remembered this particular one, and when he told me about “that Al Capone stand” I also knew which one he meant only by that description.

This is is, the first image is the stand in the unaltered state.

Time to clean it up and to remove anything referencing tobacco!

bild 1 (28)

I used Clas Ohlson’s Label Off, a solution that’s very much like Goo Gone, and removed all the stickers and some of the dirt. Those “please reorder” thingies were made of cardboard and were easily removable.

Incidentally I found out that Label Off works very well in removing stuff people have written with Permanent Markers, without damaging the game cartridge’s plastic casing, though I’d be very careful to not get solution on the labels as it will damage them.

That’s a very nifty use of Label Off, game collectors might have great use of it only for that reason, when nothing else works.

bild 2 (28)

There it is, nice and clean! I decorated with high quality stickers that I ordered, one sheet online for about 7£ with more designs than these (which means that I have more custom stickers to use for a certain fridge).

bild 3 (22)

What a beauty!

bild 4 (18)

It rotates and holds my games while radiating aweomeness!

All my games didn’t fit in the stand but I’m thinking of storing my games in their original cardboard boxes, whenever I get my game room, and showcase my loose cartridges (also the GBA ones) on the display stand.

What do you think? Pretty radical in my opinion!

Game Hunting: A Bit Of Retro in Here!

bild 4 (13)

New Super Luigi U:

We were in Ica Maxi in Karlstad where we saw this game on the shelves just a few days after it was released. Luigi is awesome and so is this game, but it stays true to the rumors and starts off immensely difficult. I’ve had about 30 continues and I’m only at the 3rd level, and I’m not sure if playing Multiplayer helps or not, as one often bumps into the other players mid-jump and bounces back into a pit or something. Then again, you’re more players and even when one of you dies the others can keep on playing, so it depends.

There are a lot of people, especially kids, who are dissappointed in the game as it’s really difficult (just look at the Mii-Verse stuff they’re posting), but for gamers who like the challenge, retro gamers that like “retro difficulty” and for Luigi fans, this is a must have for the Wii U. I think it cost 35 £ brand new, which isn’t that bad ( I reckon it’s the recommended price “out there”).

bild 5 (9)

Super Scribblenauts:

I saw this game in BR Leksaker (BR Toys) and I’ve frequently found out that it’s a great place to scour the shelves for great games that are for sale. As long as they’re not well known and sell less but are well recieved games (read: gems) then you might hit the jackpot, often a while before the game’s discounted at other locations. Price tag: 4 £.

bild (35)

Pokémon Puzzle League:

Tetris Attack is a great series, and this game is no exeption to that norm. It’s simply the same game, only with Pokémon in it. The menus and such look “cheap” but that’s because they’re so late 90’s-early 00’s in their style, and look very childish, but hey, most of us Pokémaniacs were kids back then!

The movie sequences in the game look pretty good as is the sound, and I really like how the Pokémon sound like they’re exerting themselves to the maximum when making a long chain (more like pooping a chain), especially Poliwhirl, Dewgong and Squirtle.

I recommend the game to everyone. Bought from for about 14 £.


That’s me after a good haul of great games. Image from

Super Mario World

bild 1 (27)


I really like the Gamecube and Gameboy Advance era ads, they were so silly and clever.

I just wonder what Princess Peach would think of Mario having another woman in his arms…


She’d burn him to a crisp, I say.