Super Mario World

bild 1 (27)


I really like the Gamecube and Gameboy Advance era ads, they were so silly and clever.

I just wonder what Princess Peach would think of Mario having another woman in his arms…


She’d burn him to a crisp, I say.


6 thoughts on “Super Mario World

  1. I forgot all bout this ad. Man, I’m getting old. There is something to be said about those commercials and ads. The seem to be so 80’s & 90’s but at the same time they scream “clever” and funny.
    Seems to me they were more creative back then.

    What would Princess Peach say? My guess she’d run to Bowser to get kidnapped… AGAIN :). I think she likes the attention.


    • If one would suppose that Mario as Tiny Mario would be as big as a normal human, then I guess Big Mario would be as big as in that pic.

      But that’s absurd.

      If he would be that tall we’d see him in Basketball games cutting through the defences like a knife through butter in the hot Sahara Desert heat.

      And we’re not.


      • Maybe Bowser it even bigger than that?


        Thinking of Bowser as being that huge of a creature makes me wet my pants a little. That’s scary.

        Ok.Let’s call this ad’s portayal of Marios size an error si I’ll be able to sleep at night,


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