Game Hunting: A Bit Of Retro in Here!

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New Super Luigi U:

We were in Ica Maxi in Karlstad where we saw this game on the shelves just a few days after it was released. Luigi is awesome and so is this game, but it stays true to the rumors and starts off immensely difficult. I’ve had about 30 continues and I’m only at the 3rd level, and I’m not sure if playing Multiplayer helps or not, as one often bumps into the other players mid-jump and bounces back into a pit or something. Then again, you’re more players and even when one of you dies the others can keep on playing, so it depends.

There are a lot of people, especially kids, who are dissappointed in the game as it’s really difficult (just look at the Mii-Verse stuff they’re posting), but for gamers who like the challenge, retro gamers that like “retro difficulty” and for Luigi fans, this is a must have for the Wii U. I think it cost 35 £ brand new, which isn’t that bad ( I reckon it’s the recommended price “out there”).

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Super Scribblenauts:

I saw this game in BR Leksaker (BR Toys) and I’ve frequently found out that it’s a great place to scour the shelves for great games that are for sale. As long as they’re not well known and sell less but are well recieved games (read: gems) then you might hit the jackpot, often a while before the game’s discounted at other locations. Price tag: 4 £.

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Pokémon Puzzle League:

Tetris Attack is a great series, and this game is no exeption to that norm. It’s simply the same game, only with Pokémon in it. The menus and such look “cheap” but that’s because they’re so late 90’s-early 00’s in their style, and look very childish, but hey, most of us Pokémaniacs were kids back then!

The movie sequences in the game look pretty good as is the sound, and I really like how the Pokémon sound like they’re exerting themselves to the maximum when making a long chain (more like pooping a chain), especially Poliwhirl, Dewgong and Squirtle.

I recommend the game to everyone. Bought from for about 14 £.


That’s me after a good haul of great games. Image from

4 thoughts on “Game Hunting: A Bit Of Retro in Here!

    • If you’re a fan then this game is a must have, but it’s not for the weak hearted. I’m somewhere in the middle when it comes to this, while I get my ass royally handed to me on a silver platter. I still manage to enjoy the game.


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