Gameboy Game Display Stand

I got this stand, originally made for holding cigarillos, from my dad. When I asked him for a store display case or stand he immediately remembered this particular one, and when he told me about “that Al Capone stand” I also knew which one he meant only by that description.

This is is, the first image is the stand in the unaltered state.

Time to clean it up and to remove anything referencing tobacco!

bild 1 (28)

I used Clas Ohlson’s Label Off, a solution that’s very much like Goo Gone, and removed all the stickers and some of the dirt. Those “please reorder” thingies were made of cardboard and were easily removable.

Incidentally I found out that Label Off works very well in removing stuff people have written with Permanent Markers, without damaging the game cartridge’s plastic casing, though I’d be very careful to not get solution on the labels as it will damage them.

That’s a very nifty use of Label Off, game collectors might have great use of it only for that reason, when nothing else works.

bild 2 (28)

There it is, nice and clean! I decorated with high quality stickers that I ordered, one sheet online for about 7£ with more designs than these (which means that I have more custom stickers to use for a certain fridge).

bild 3 (22)

What a beauty!

bild 4 (18)

It rotates and holds my games while radiating aweomeness!

All my games didn’t fit in the stand but I’m thinking of storing my games in their original cardboard boxes, whenever I get my game room, and showcase my loose cartridges (also the GBA ones) on the display stand.

What do you think? Pretty radical in my opinion!


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