Review: Pokémon Puzzle League


#??:  Pokémon Puzzle League

Most gamers know what Tetris Attack is, and maybe even what Panel De Pon is. They’re the same puzzle game which truly was innovative when it was released, and feature an array of different characters from the original cast of the Japanese games to Yoshi and even Pokémon.

Graphics: 7/10

The game looks cheap when it comes to the menus and such, but that might be because they wanted to makeit look kiddish and to follow the art style of the 99’s -early  00’s. The images are of good quality and the movies in the cart are of decent quality. Nothing spectacular in other words but your eyes will refrain from bleeding.

bild 4 (14)

Sounds & Music: 7/10

The music is of MIDI quality which isn’t that good, but are versions of familiar tunes to the Pokémon anime fan which is a huge plus. I guess they couldn’t add instrumental music because of space limitations, I mean they did have movies in the game after all and that’s grand for being on the N64.

Gameplay:  10/10

There’s a lot to do in the game, whether is the “League” or other modes of Tetris Attack, and there is honestly little new in this game when compared to others. As usual there’s Puzzle, Marathon and Line Clear in Easy mode onwards as well an unlockable Very Hard. Super Hard and Insane mode. I’ve gotten pretty far on Super Hard, mainly due to luck and 60 continues, but had only trouble with Gary and Mewtwo in Very Hard mode. So there’s space for improvement for the gamer and lots of puzzle fun.

You can use Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle but there is no Charmander to be seen in the game.

bild 5 (12)

bild 3 (19)

Replay value: 10/10

I really like the Tetris Attack series, and for fans and non-fans alike there’s much to the replay value of the game as the game itself is easy to learn but difficult to master.

bild 1 (26)


Hidden inside the code of the game are two unused voice clips, presumably from staff saying  “Yumi-chan, I love you” in Japanese and the other saying “I love you Liz.” in English. (from

bild 4 (16) bild 3 (20)

And as y’alls can see, I gots myself the Master Trophy. I’m a Pokémon (Puzzle League) Master!

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