Game Hunting: Some Hidden Retro in Here

Today’s Retro Games Hunt occured in two steps, both in Game stores, but with some distance in time between them.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus:

This is a game made by Konami (which usually means that you’ve bought a quality title) which is based on the 2003 cartoon which pays homage to the darker roots of the TMNT franchise and tries to capture on the spirit of the darker TMNT comics while still marketing to kids.

In the series, which I haven’t followed all to well (I do dig the dark and twisted episode Same as it Never Was though!) there’s a Universal tournament and I think this game leads up to that.

You start up controlling and switching between the 4 turtles (very much similar to the first TMNT game for the NES) but this time they have their own powers and abilities as well. It’s decent but takes a little while to get used to, and I don’t know what to think of it yet. I played the first level with my bro Co-Op style, and I didn’t like it that much probably because it was a tutorial level, but we never kept on playing the 2nd level after all.


Yeah, there’s a big but.


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The game contains the original TMNT Arcade game (the one that gets mutated in this ad) which is unlockable. That itself was enough reason to pay 10£ for this game. I probably could’ve got it even cheaper but I was there, gave the box a sneer and got used to the price.

And then there’s the 2nd venture into another Game store, and as most Swedes know they’re also trying to get rid of their PS2 stock by now .

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Metal Slug 4:

I love the Metal Slug games and when I saw this on the shelves, for the first time in my life, I had to buy it. 13,5 £ sounded a little bit too much when compared to a price tag around 9£ on Ebay UK and Amazon UK, but I really wanted this game really much, even though it looks like a PS1 game and is a direct port of the arcade, as it’s really really good and fun as fudge.

Well, after some discussion my wife and I decided that I’d buy the game anyways (we decided this one together as it was a tough decision). I went to the cashier and he told me:

“You know that you’ll only have to pay 3£ if you pick two other games as well, right?”

My answer:

“No I didn’t, but I know exactly which ones to pick.”

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Police 24/7:

It’s made by Konami, it’s a Cop simulator game and there weren’t many more titles to choose between bar loads of sports games. The story looked pretty generic and the cover intriguing so I got this one.

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X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse:

I’ve read that this game is supposed to be good, and there seems to be a 2-player Co-Op mode. And X-men is awesome so I thought “Man this game looks awesome, gotta get this one!“.

And 3£ for 3 games really sealed the deal.

5 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Some Hidden Retro in Here

    • Mine too! That blood-barfing attacks really kicks butt. I also noticed that if you take the other path you’ll enter a mummy tomb where you can be turned into a mummy yourself. That’s neat!


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