Game Swap with Loppisapan

For the first time I decided to partake in a game swap with another fellow game collector. Because of the game selection, trust and postage reasons, I swapped games with Loppisapan, a dude that collects retro video games, comics, movies, toys etc. His blog name translates to “Flea Market Monkey”. That’s rad.

After a week of e-mailing back and forth, to make sure that both parts were content with the swap, we ended up with the following deal:

I’d send Heroes of Mana for the NDS, R-type Dx  for the GBC(cartridge only) and roughly 12 £ in exchange for Goldeneye, Probotector and Super Mario World for the GBA. I considered it fair as he could get 20-30 £ just for Probotector alone.

byte 1

Not only did I get these games, but he also sent me these awesome games and objects, to my surprise, as a bonus. I did know beforehand that he’d send me a bonus, but I never could’ve imagined that he’d be this generous! I felt a little bit ashamed as I didn’t send any bonus items myself… but I will next time we decide to swap stuff!

byte 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is really fun and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets looked interesting on startup. In Pro Skater I made a lot of wicked tricks and stunts effortlessly and in Harry Potter I immedately started off meeting Dobby the House Elf. Poor Dobby… at least he had the honor of having Harry as his dearest friend.

He also sent me a lot of inserts, and I’m really weak for that kind of stuff, so here follows a gallery of them:

byte 3
byte 8 byte 7 byte 6 byte 5 byte 4

byte 9

I noticed this detail on one of the inserts. It’s so gallantly 80’s the way  it’s portrayed. Kind of like in this picture:




I’m going to publish one post a week from now on, so that I can play more video games during the weeks at well- but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that things are going downhill for this blog. I’m planning on writing some guides for retro gaming, such as on the choice of  the best CRT TVs for gaming and I’ll try to get some guest reviews posted as well.

Last image from:


7 thoughts on “Game Swap with Loppisapan

  1. woow nice swap!! Thoes poster are truley childhood memories!
    I don’t know if I like the idea of you only posting once a week, but Ill guess gaming comes first after all 😉 I shall look forward for your next post instead 😉

    (Love Back 2 the future!!!)


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