Super Mario Figurines

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McDonalds were giving these with their Happy Meals. No, I didn’t buy 3 Happy Meals for these (though I would’ve if I needed to). You can buy them loose around here. Unfortunately everyone was out of Mario, but I managed to get Luigi, Toad and Yoshi at least.



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Game Hunting: Video Game Birthday!

I got a lot of stuff  this year for my birthday, and, being the eternal child that I am, I wished for a lot of video games. Some I wished for, some I got as a surprise, and some I bought for the money  I got.

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Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Games!

This is a must have for all Wario and Wario Ware fans. These zany minigames are enough to entertain you for a long time and will inevitably leave you thinking two things:

a) This is hilarious, how did they come up with this stuff?


b) What were they smoking?

I got this from my brother and bought it for some money he gave me to buy games with, and I actually got it for a good deal.

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Wave Race: Blue Storm

This is a launch title for the Gamecube. I wanted a multiplayer game and the Wave Race franchise has allured me, and this game has been in my mind ever since the launch of the system. I  think Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine are the games left on my Gamecube list.  This one was also from my brother! It’s actually better than I thought and is fun to play.

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Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters: Melee

This is a gem that I found out about by the Angry Video Game Nerd in his review of Godzilla games. It’s an awesome game that really makes you feel like a monster in a city, wrecking cities and other monsters. You can pick up buildings, boulders and other monsters and toss them anywhere, and perform each monster’s special attacks. When you’ve beaten a monster in the story mode you can use it in versus mode. Yet another great game from my brother!
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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

I started playing Metroid Prime on the Gamecube and it was really great, and I really think they got everything right making you feel like it’s a real 3D Metroid game. Thus I had to get this game and now the trilogy is complete. Got this one from my parents 😀

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Game & Wario

I got this game from my wife, and it was a total surprise! It’s really fun and I love how they’ve made the title screens for each mini game so badass! A great game and in my opinion a must have for the Wii U. Again it makes one go:

a) This is hilarious, how did they come up with this stuff?


b) What were they smoking?


Super Mario All Stars

I got this great game from my parents. The guy who sent it forgot to send the cardboard sleeve, to me it didn’t matter all too much (I’ll probably just display it anyways, wait, I do care after all it seems) but if you sell an item saying it’s complete then you should send it to a customer complete.


Game Review: Contra/Probotector

Alright, this isn’t a Contra Vs. Probotector post. This is basically just a review of Probotector, which is a censored version of Contra. Europe got Probotector and the rest got Contra.

#??:  Probotector/Contra

I remember that the first time I played Probotector was at a friend’s place. I never used to own the game myself. Then I remember playing Contra on a Famicom clone at my aunt’s place as well, which was badass. But I have to say that hardcore robots fighting other robots and aliens is a much more badass concept than shirtless dudes fighting other dudes, aliens and ‘bots.

Graphics: 8/10

The game looks very good but doesn’t exactly sport the best graphics on the NES, but being an action shoot-em-up game that really doesn’t mean as much. It delivers just what’s needed and there isn’t any lag when hell breaks loose on the screen. Also I think those psuedo 3D segments just before the level boss’ are pretty rad.

Sounds & Music: 10/10

The music is catchy as fudge and the sound effects are very good, they really manage to bring satisfaction in the destruction of everything moving on the screen. I really enjoy listening to the iconic tunes of the first stage and the ones of the boss battles.

Gameplay:  10/10

The challenge bar is set quite high. While not impossible to beat without the Konami code it’s really hard to survive on 4 lives when every single thing takes one puny hit to take ye down. We needed the Konami code and 2 continues to beat the game, while for the average gamer that’d maybe be a bit too much it turned out to be what we needed. That said we found the game easier than when we were kids, and were really surprised when we realized we’d reached the last level.


The last level of the game, amongst an aliens innards and organs.


Surprised we realized we’d reached the last boss… a giant pulsating heart.


This was our reward for beating the game. We couldn’t believe we did it!

All in all a very satisfying and entertaining experience. I actually think we did good!

Replay value: 10/10

In 2 Player mode I’d consider the game to be very replayable indeed, and it’ll keep being challenging even then. I’d never grow tired of this game. Shooting things up is just too fun.


From Wikipedia:  Several computer versions were done outside Japan, by Ocean in Europe for the C64, CPC and ZX, and by Banana Software in North America for DOS based PCs.


Banana Software.

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