Game Review: Contra/Probotector

Alright, this isn’t a Contra Vs. Probotector post. This is basically just a review of Probotector, which is a censored version of Contra. Europe got Probotector and the rest got Contra.

#??:  Probotector/Contra

I remember that the first time I played Probotector was at a friend’s place. I never used to own the game myself. Then I remember playing Contra on a Famicom clone at my aunt’s place as well, which was badass. But I have to say that hardcore robots fighting other robots and aliens is a much more badass concept than shirtless dudes fighting other dudes, aliens and ‘bots.

Graphics: 8/10

The game looks very good but doesn’t exactly sport the best graphics on the NES, but being an action shoot-em-up game that really doesn’t mean as much. It delivers just what’s needed and there isn’t any lag when hell breaks loose on the screen. Also I think those psuedo 3D segments just before the level boss’ are pretty rad.

Sounds & Music: 10/10

The music is catchy as fudge and the sound effects are very good, they really manage to bring satisfaction in the destruction of everything moving on the screen. I really enjoy listening to the iconic tunes of the first stage and the ones of the boss battles.

Gameplay:  10/10

The challenge bar is set quite high. While not impossible to beat without the Konami code it’s really hard to survive on 4 lives when every single thing takes one puny hit to take ye down. We needed the Konami code and 2 continues to beat the game, while for the average gamer that’d maybe be a bit too much it turned out to be what we needed. That said we found the game easier than when we were kids, and were really surprised when we realized we’d reached the last level.


The last level of the game, amongst an aliens innards and organs.


Surprised we realized we’d reached the last boss… a giant pulsating heart.


This was our reward for beating the game. We couldn’t believe we did it!

All in all a very satisfying and entertaining experience. I actually think we did good!

Replay value: 10/10

In 2 Player mode I’d consider the game to be very replayable indeed, and it’ll keep being challenging even then. I’d never grow tired of this game. Shooting things up is just too fun.


From Wikipedia:  Several computer versions were done outside Japan, by Ocean in Europe for the C64, CPC and ZX, and by Banana Software in North America for DOS based PCs.


Banana Software.

First image from:


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  1. Certainly one of the best games on the NES. It’s a challenging game that’s a lot of fun to play. What else can I say? Interestingly, the Japanese version had cutscenes and showed a map of the island in between levels.


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