Game Hunting: Video Game Birthday!

I got a lot of stuff  this year for my birthday, and, being the eternal child that I am, I wished for a lot of video games. Some I wished for, some I got as a surprise, and some I bought for the money  I got.

bild 1

Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Games!

This is a must have for all Wario and Wario Ware fans. These zany minigames are enough to entertain you for a long time and will inevitably leave you thinking two things:

a) This is hilarious, how did they come up with this stuff?


b) What were they smoking?

I got this from my brother and bought it for some money he gave me to buy games with, and I actually got it for a good deal.

bild 2

Wave Race: Blue Storm

This is a launch title for the Gamecube. I wanted a multiplayer game and the Wave Race franchise has allured me, and this game has been in my mind ever since the launch of the system. I  think Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine are the games left on my Gamecube list.  This one was also from my brother! It’s actually better than I thought and is fun to play.

bild 3

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters: Melee

This is a gem that I found out about by the Angry Video Game Nerd in his review of Godzilla games. It’s an awesome game that really makes you feel like a monster in a city, wrecking cities and other monsters. You can pick up buildings, boulders and other monsters and toss them anywhere, and perform each monster’s special attacks. When you’ve beaten a monster in the story mode you can use it in versus mode. Yet another great game from my brother!
bild 4

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

I started playing Metroid Prime on the Gamecube and it was really great, and I really think they got everything right making you feel like it’s a real 3D Metroid game. Thus I had to get this game and now the trilogy is complete. Got this one from my parents 😀

bild 5

Game & Wario

I got this game from my wife, and it was a total surprise! It’s really fun and I love how they’ve made the title screens for each mini game so badass! A great game and in my opinion a must have for the Wii U. Again it makes one go:

a) This is hilarious, how did they come up with this stuff?


b) What were they smoking?


Super Mario All Stars

I got this great game from my parents. The guy who sent it forgot to send the cardboard sleeve, to me it didn’t matter all too much (I’ll probably just display it anyways, wait, I do care after all it seems) but if you sell an item saying it’s complete then you should send it to a customer complete.


8 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Video Game Birthday!

  1. Oh man, those are all excellent games! I still don’t have WarioWare on the Cube (nor the Wii U for that matter), so I’m pretty jealous of those finds. And Metroid Prime is a wonderful series that I know you’ll enjoy.

    Great finds indeed!


    • Thanks! 😀 I’m happy I got these games! I’m pretty sure you’ll find the Wario Ware games too, they’re not that expensive IIRC. At any rate they’re awesome!
      I really look forward to play more Metroid Prime, I’ll just have to pass the first countdown sequence 😛 Got stuck the first time around!


  2. Nice !! = )
    Now you have some games that will keep you occupied….for a while 😉
    It would bug me 2 if I didn’t get cardboard sleeve, because thats what you are expecting! I hope karma will find its way to this seller 😉


    • It’s really good! There’s a lot of fun gameplay, a lot of humour and also a huge amount of collectibles that not only are fun, sometimes useless (and weird) but also helpful in the main game. It’s a blast! 😀


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