Game Hunting: Magnificent Bargains!

I was at Game again… and they had that 3 games for 4 £ deal again… and I guess you can understand what happened next!

I’ve cleaned all my PS2 games up and removed the price tags and such. The newer ones are so easy to remove without any kind of solution at hand, but the older ones are mean. I got them off with Label Off (equivalent to Goo Gone I reckon) and quite a bit of manly courage.

bild 4 (20)

Biker Mice from Mars:

I bought this because:

1) Biking mice are awesome

2) Biker Mice are awesome

3) Bikers, who also happen to be mice, are awesome

4) Mice, who prefer to travel by motorbikes, are awesome

5) Games based on Mice from the Planet Mars, who enjoy riding their motorbikes, are awesome.

It’s a racing game kind of, where you also have to shoot up enemies and stuff, and between levels you can customize and upgrade your ride at Charlie’s. This is, by the way, a game based off the remake cartoon. There’s a difference in story and minor differences in the design of the mice, when compared to the old cartoon which I grew up with, but if I never adapt to what’s new I won’t evolve and then I will die out. Like the Paranthropus Boisei.

bild 3 (25)

Ratchet & Clank:

I’ve started playing this game and it’s a really good platformer with a lot of humor. I’ve reached the 3rd level with the swamp which is impossible to cross if you don’t follow a set path… for now.

Why did I buy this game?

1) Humor

2) Action

3) Ratchet

4) Clank

5) It was cheap.

Ratchet is supposed to be a teenage guy or something, but I can’t help to think that Ratchet sounds more like a girl’s name.

bild 2 (31)

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell:

I tried this one out and it plays very well. Stealth games are always fun, and the lack of their kind in my game library is stunning. I snagged this one and I’m not regretting it.

Why did I buy this again?

1) Covert stealth missions will give me that pre-diarrheal feeling that I long for now that I’m not playing a Metroid game (well, I have Prime next on my list but I’ll have to finish other games first).

2) He’s wearing a black outfit in the game, and as everyone knows black will never fall out of fashion. The game is, in other words, fashionable.

3) It was cheap



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